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At proof. pest control, we know that a home invaded by pests doesn’t feel safe, healthy, or comfortable. Whether you have rats scurrying across your floors, spiders crawling on your walls, or cockroaches hiding in your bathrooms, put your trust in us to handle the problem.Common types of pests we treat in Orem, UT include:

Our Pest-Free Guarantee™ service allows us to provide you with year-round, lasting protection.

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carpenter ant control in orem, ut

Carpenter ants are large and black, so they are typically easy to spot on your property. They like to nest in damp, rotting wood. Because they like moisture, they are often found in homes near water features such as the Powell Slough Waterfowl Management Area.

To prevent an ant invasion in your home, you need to:

  • Avoid leaving cat or dog food outside
  • Keep all food in airtight containers
  • Avoid leaving leftover food sitting on the counter for too long
  • Clean up and food or drink spills right away
  • Keep floors swept and mopped

Although they aren’t particularly dangerous to humans, they can weaken your home’s structure over time. Let our team take care of them for you right away! We specialize in treating these destructive insects, and we cover them and over 30 more common Utah pests on our popular Pest-Free Guarantee™ service.

orem spider removal

There are many spider species that call the Orem area home, including black widows, wolf spiders, and house spiders. Black widow bites can be painful and even dangerous for at-risk populations like children, the elderly, and those with health complications. While spiders do serve a valuable purpose in our ecosystem, that doesn’t mean you want them in your home.

Spiders are drawn to houses that can provide:

  • Shelter: Spiders escape extreme weather conditions by hiding away in dark corners, basements, crawlspaces, and attics.
  • Mates: During mating season, males will enter your home in search of mates.
  • Food: Other pests are spiders’ main source of food, so they will come into a home if they know there are plenty of other pests there

To keep your family safe, give the spider experts here at proof. pest control a call and we’ll give you a free quote right over the phone to treat your home right away!

black widows

Easily recognizable by the red hourglass shape on their bellies, black widows are a feared spider among many. While their bites don’t often cause death, their venom is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake, making them quite dangerous. Symptoms of a black widow bite include nausea, paralysis of the diaphragm, and muscle aches.

Black widows survive off other pests and insects such as:

Black widows prefer to hide away in dark, dry, man-made structures such as barns, decks, outhouses, sheds, woodpiles, and more. Inside a home, they are commonly found in dimly lit crawl spaces, garages, and basements.

hobo spiders

The Hobo spider hitched rides with humans along Pacific Northwest highways to distribute itself in 6 American states. Hobo spiders are aggressive house spiders that are quite difficult to identify due to the similarities they share with other spiders. They love to hide in dark, moist spaces—such as basements and crawl spaces—and are often found in holes, cracks, and crevices. Hobo spiders are not great at climbing, so you will almost always find them underground.

In order to prevent hobo spiders in your home:

  • Seal common entry points such as cracks along the foundation
  • Replace all window screens that have holes
  • Clear away clutter from basement or garage
  • Avoid storing shoes on the floor
  • Keep basement dry

termite control in orem, ut

Causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year, termites are known as the “silent killers.” They hide away in your home, eating away at its structure for extended periods of time. Sometimes months, or even years, go by before you ever even know they’re there.

Signs of a subterranean termite infestation include:

  • Mud tunnels that extend from the ground to the infested wood
  • Winged termites swarming from mud tunnels or around light fixtures, windows, doors, and vents
  • Wood damage in the form of blisters and dark areas

In Utah, subterranean termites are a major threat. They cause extensive structural damage to homes and businesses. In addition to structures, they consume books, other paper products, and other plant-based goods.

wasp removal in orem

During late summer and early fall, wasps come out in full force as they search for food to sustain themselves through winter. While they typically do not sting unless they are provoked, having a wasp colony near your home can be incredibly unsafe for you and your family, particularly for those who are allergic to wasps. Unlike bees, wasps can sting over and over again thanks to their smooth stingers.

To keep wasps away, you should:

  • Avoid leaving meat or sweet drinks sitting outside
  • Keep your trashcans sealed up
  • Keep your doors and windows shut
  • Don’t leave trash lying around
  • Cover or fill any holes in the ground

If you discover a wasp nest on your property, it is best to reach out to a professional pest control team right away.

orem pocket gopher removal

Known for building complex underground tunnels, gophers damage lawns, destroy gardens, and kill trees in yards. These rodents can grow to be up to 10 inches long and prefer to live alone. They are easily identified by their brown fur, small ears, long teeth, small eyes, and short tails. As vegetarians, these pests survive off of shrubs, plants, roots, trees, and grass, making them a gardener’s worst nightmare.

To prevent these pests from making their way onto your property and destroying your yard, you can:

  • Bury mesh wire fencing underground
  • Lay down a barrier of gravel around the perimeter of your yard
  • Plant your shrubs, veggies, and other plants in raised garden boxes

Give us a call at 801-999-1017 to request a quote and schedule pest control service.

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No matter the extent of the pest problem you are experiencing, you can count on the experienced professionals at proof. pest control to handle it.

We can handle over 30 different kinds of pests, including:

We also offer commercial pest control services. Whatever pest you find in your home or business, you can rest easy knowing that our Orem pest control team is on the job.

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