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A healthy home is a rodent-free home. Rodents—such as mice, rats, and voles—carry diseases and pathogens that can be incredibly harmful to humans and household pets. Coming into contact with rodent feces, saliva, urine, or even the rodents themselves, can result in the spread of diseases to humans.

If you find signs of rodents in your home, proof. pest control is here for you. As the go-to pest control company for countless homeowners, we guarantee that we can eliminate all rodents from your house, protecting both your family and your home.

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common rodent treatment methods

We use several different strategies to control rodents, depending on the type and severity of pest activity you are experiencing.


Commercial bait stations contain a rodenticide that is flavorless so mice and rats cannot taste it. After they take the bait, they die within several days. Because death often happens outside your home, baiting doesn’t always require dead rodent removal. Bait stations can hold a large amount of bait so they can quickly exterminate a large number of rodents.


Commercial traps allow us to precisely target rodents in specific parts of your home. Rodents are killed by the traps and then removed at the next service.


Exclusion is the process of closing any small openings in your home that rodents can use to enter it. After baiting and trapping drive out the existing rodents, exclusion helps to prevent new rodent incursions.

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how we treat for rodents

At proof. pest control, our Pest-Free Guarantee™ service provides you with protection all year long from serious rodent infestations. Most rodent issues can be controlled with regular treatments. For extreme infestations, we can perform monthly or bi-monthly services. Our rodent control services take care of mice, rats, and voles.

initial visit

Your technician will perform a thorough inspection of your home and any rodent activity. This inspection will include areas where rodents normally congregate, such as your home’s exterior, attic, basement, and kitchen.

Then, your technician will apply a customized treatment plan to your home for the type and amount of activity you’re experiencing. We use a combination of commercial bait stations, traps, and exclusion methods to treat rodents.

scheduled treatments

A technician will come to your home to monitor your rodent control strategy and make any adjustments necessary.

During each visit, your technician will:

  • Check bait stations and refill and/or relocate them as necessary
  • Check traps if they are being used and empty and/or relocate them as necessary
  • Check exterior exclusions (small openings that have been blocked) to make sure they’re still working correctly, and rodents haven’t gotten through them

      100% satisfaction guaranteed

      When you take part in our Pest-Free Guarantee™ service, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will come out for free as many times as necessary to treat any new mouse, rat, or vole activity you may see during the year. In most cases, we are able to send a technician to you within one business day to take care of new rodent intrusions. You can rest easy knowing we are dedicated to keeping your home comfortable, healthy, and pest free, all year long.

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