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mosquito control

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Are you tired of pesky mosquitoes ruining your BBQ? Do you want to be able to spend time with your friends and family in your yard without annoying insects buzzing around your ears, biting you, and leaving red, itchy bumps? proof. pest control is here to put these pests to the test. Our residential mosquito control experts guarantee that you will see up to 80-90% fewer mosquitoes in your yard after treatment. Using organic, eco-friendly pest control products, we are able to effectively remove all mosquitoes from your yard.

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our treatment plan

We recommend monthly mosquito control services—from May to September—in order to effectively protect your home from mosquitoes all summer long.

initial visit

Your technician will perform a thorough inspection of your yard to identify pest activity and potential breeding/hiding places for mosquitoes. We are sure to check areas of interest to mosquitoes such as standing water, long grass, and weeds. Even a water source as small as a bird feeder can attract countless mosquitoes.

After the inspection, your technician will put together a custom mosquito pest control plan for your property and perform the first treatment.

monthly scheduled treatments

Your initial visit is followed up by monthly scheduled treatments to maintain the treatment strategy, make sure it’s continuing to remain effective, and make any treatment adjustments if needed.

During your follow-up treatment, your technician will:

  • Locate any new standing water sources that could be potential breeding grounds, and remove or treat them with larvicide
  • Locate any new potential hiding places—like long grass—so you can remove, maintain, or monitor them as necessary
  • Spray a fogging solution around the home and yard to treat any active adult pests
  • Treat existing standing water sources with larvicide to prevent new mosquito larvae from developing

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how we treat mosquitoes

Effective mosquito control involves reducing or eliminating standing water sources, killing existing adults, and killing existing larvae before they become new adults. Our main treatment techniques include source reduction, fogging, and larvicide.

source reduction

Mosquitoes need standing water in order to breed—even water sources as small as a bird feeder will suffice. We know exactly what to look for, how to identify potential breeding spots, and how to either remove them or make them unusable by mosquitoes.


Fogging allows us to target adult mosquitoes around your home and in your yard. The fogging spray will quickly kill adult mosquitoes and other biting, flying pests such as flies and gnats.


Larvicide allows us to target developing mosquitoes while they are still in their larval stage. Once existing larvae have been killed, standing water sources that can’t be removed are treated to prevent new larvae from growing.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

At proof. pest control, we will do whatever it takes to take care of your mosquito problem. If you get any outbreaks between services, simply let us know and we can have a technician come out for free within 1 business day (in most cases) for treatment. With our us on your side, you can finally relax in your yard.

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