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Wolf spiders are solitary hunters that actively hunt down their prey instead of waiting for it in webs like many other spiders.

Wolf spiders are hairy spiders that can grow to just over 1 inch in body length. Their bodies are typically a combination of brown, black, and gray hues.

Wolf spider habitats range from forests and meadows, to woodlands and suburban gardens. Wolf spiders do not spin webs; instead, they reside in burrows or protected spaces which they leave to actively stalk their prey.

The wolf spider’s bite is not a significant medical threat to most adults, and they typically only bite if they are threatened or provoked.

When summer changes to fall, wolf spiders often seek warmer habitats. This is a common time of year for them to enter homes and take up residence in places like the windows, basements, plants or garages.

how to identify a wolf spider

Wolf spiders are easily identified by the length of their legs, which are shorter than web-building spiders because they do not spin webs.

wolf spiders earned their name because they hunt like wolves.

They track down their prey violently on the ground using their speed, great eyesight and strength.

Since wolf spiders have hairy abdomens, they are often mistaken for tarantulas, but they are not nearly as large as true tarantulas.

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how to keep wolf spiders out of your home

You can greatly reduce your chances of harboring wolf spiders by taking some simple precautions outside in your yard and inside your home:

  • Outside, keeping debris and clutter from your yard will discourage them from taking up residence in leaves, empty planters, trash or other ideal spider residences.
  • Inside, dust and vacuum your home on a regular basis, including rooms or areas that aren’t frequently used.
  • In storage areas of your home like the garage or attic, keep stored items in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes so wolf spiders and other pests can’t use them for residences.

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