what is integrative pest management (ipm)?

By proof. Pest Control
Over the past few years, a new term has become all the rage in the pest control industry. There’s a good chance that if you’ve recently experienced a pest problem, you heard your technician talk about Integrated Pest Management. But what is Integrative Pest Management, or IPM, exactly? Why is every pest control professional so fired about this approach? Fortunately, proof. pest control believes strongly in making our services as transparent as possible, and is here to explain everything you need to know.

ipm explained

Integrative Pest Management is an industry-leading, three-pronged approach to pest control based around treatment, inspection, and prevention. This cycle repeats if necessary, however, the overall goal is to create a more economical approach to pest control, rather than indiscriminate spraying and extermination methods. If implemented properly, the end results of IPM are a comprehensive stop to infestations in the short-term and long-lasting relief from pest problems overall.

Advantages of IPM include:

  • Safe service to keep structures, people, and plants healthy
  • Sustainable alternatives to traditional pest treatment
  • Reduced potential for air and groundwater contamination
  • Protection for pets and other non-intrusive animals
  • Fewer pesticides and less spraying
  • Fewer side effects related to pesticide use and spraying
  • Elimination of re-entry restrictions
  • Decreased hassle for property owners, employees, and tenants
  • More cost-effective and time-efficient for everybody in the long-run

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At proof. pest control, we are proud to be able to provide IPM for a range of properties. Our commercial pest control pros can ensure your office, retail store, restaurant, supermarket, hotel, museum, school, apartment building, or other facility receives the exceptional service it deserves. We can use IPM to take care of termitesbed bugscockroachesmosquitoesfleasspidersticksrodents, and more, all at a reasonable price. Call today, and find out more about how IPM can benefit your property.

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