what foods are ants attracted to?

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Ah, summer. It’s the season of pool parties, bonfires, cookouts, and of course, ants! These insects are famous for ruining picnics and barbecues, and tend to pop up anywhere a lot of food is present. But what foods are ants most attracted to? Learn what you need to know about ants and their favorite foods, courtesy of our professional pest control technicians at proof. pest control.

the top 7 food ants are attracted to

  1. Sweets: Above all else, ants love sweets. Anything high in sugar tends to attract ants, and they love scoping out things like jelly, syrup, honey, candy, and juices. So if you want to avoid ants flocking your indoor or outdoor property. Clean up that watermelon or candy you dropped on the ground ASAP!
  2. Grease: Some ants prefer foods that are high in fats and grease. This is why you are so likely to see ants swarming discarded fast food remnants. It’s also why ants are so attracted to…
  3. Proteins: Like humans, ants need a lot of protein to grow strong. This is why many ants love meat, since it is high in both grease and protein. They may also be attracted to peanut butter, eggs, or even–
  4. Other Insects/Animals: When ants cannot find their protein in human foods, they will often look elsewhere for sustenance. It’s well known that insects are a great source of protein, which is why ants will sometimes eat other insects, or even feast on the body of dead animals. This is particularly common in carpenter ants, which may try to find protein and sugar in your kitchen or in the discarded carcasses of other creatures.
  5. Seeds: Because fire ants sting people, many assume they are carnivores. However, while fire ants do consume proteins and sugars like other species of ants, they also derive a lot of their fuel from eating seeds.
  6. Fungus: Species like the leafcutter ant actually cultivate and eat their own fungus, which is why you are likely to find this ant in your garden, where the environment is ideal for fungi growth.
  7. Anything Damp: Ants are naturally drawn to moisture, so any food that is damp is pretty much catnip to them. Again, this is why ants love garbage, and why it is important to clean up spills in your kitchen and around your home as soon as you can.

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