seasonal pest control: what you need to know

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Summer is here, and as we all prepare to spend more time outside, we can’t forget about the unwanted guests that can ruin any summer activity. No, we’re not talking about your in-laws—we’re talking about pests. From ants that crash your picnic to mosquitos that interrupt your barbecue, summer is a peak time for pest activity. But are there really more pests to worry about during summertime than at other parts of the year? Find out, from our experts at proof. pest control.

pest control: summer vs. winter

  • TermitesTermites thrive in damp, humid environments. Because of the increased rainfall, it is most common for them to swarm from late winter through spring. In this sense, termites can be considered a seasonal pest, however, it may be possible for termite infestations to occur anytime your home or business has experienced water damage, causing the wood to become rotted and vulnerable.
  • AntsAnts are thought of as being one of the most seasonal pests, typically popping up in summer because they function best in humid environments. That said, it is possible for an infestation to occur during the colder months, depending on the circumstances (i.e. was there an easily accessible entrance point and food source on your property.)
  • Bed BugsBed bugs are another insect that thrives in heat, meaning infestations are most likely to occur between summer and early fall. However, bed bugs do not just die out on their own. An infestation can stretch into the winter months and beyond as long as they have a food source and you are not taking any measures to get rid of them.
  • CockroachesCockroaches can thrive anywhere there is readily available food and/or shelter. They function better in warmer climates, so it is more common to see them pop up over the summer, but a roach problem can last all year, especially if you live in a region where the temperature tends to be warmer.
  • MosquitoesMosquitoes are thought of as the ultimate summer pests, and yet, peak mosquito season varies, depending on where in the country you live. In the northernmost parts of the United States, where the temperature tends to be colder, mosquito season usually starts around May and lasts through summer. However, across the middle section of the country, mosquito season actually starts during springtime, when rainfall begins to accumulate. And finally, across the southern U.S., where it is hotter year-round, mosquito season can start as early as February. Ultimately, mosquitos can live in any climate with excess moisture and humidity, and unfortunately, given the effects of climate change, that means they can live more places than ever now.
  • Fleas & Ticks: Fleas and ticks are both seasonal pests. While they can remain active in warm regions year-round, in most states, you are more likely to find these blood-sucking pests during the summertime.
  • SpidersSpider mating season is usually thought to occur between September and October, so it is more expected to see them during the fall. However, outdoor spiders actually begin to reproduce during the spring, which means spider season can start in late summer. Many also believe that spiders come inside during the winter, when the unfortunate reality is they can live inside year-long—they are simply more likely to be seen during the colder months because they are trying to find a mate.
  • RodentsRodents are another type of pest that you may find on your property year-round, depending on whether there is reliable shelter and food, though they still fall into the seasonal pest category. This is because rats and mice are most prone to invading homes and businesses in the wintertime, when the cold drives them inside and causes them to make nests in attics, insulation, and other hidden areas.

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