3 types of ant species

By proof. Pest Control
Ants are the most common pest to show up around your home, especially in the spring and summer. As they start to rise, we wanted to share with you the 3 most common types of ant species to help you identify what ants you could have.Black Carpenter Ant

black carpenter ants

As one of the largest ant species, black carpenter ants are about ¼-¾” in length. This ant species loves to chew on wood. though they don’t create as much damage as termites, they do create some damage.

Acrobat Antacrobat ants

A little more on the smaller side, acrobat ants are about ⅛” in length. These tiny ants will forge up to 100 feet away from their nest in search of food. One of the most obvious signs these ants are in your home is ant trails on wires and pipes.

pavement ants

Just like the ants above, their average length is ⅛”. These ants get their name because they build their nests in the cracks of the pavement. This ant’s appetite is anything and everything, so be careful of your food inside.


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