5 signs you have termites

By proofPest
Termites can ruin your home if you catch them too late. That’s why we want to help you protect your home by sharing the top 5 signs of having Termites within your home.

1. hollowed-out wood

Termites live in the soil and travel to the wood in your home to eat. The damaged wood will have tunnels and will often have dried mud around them that the termites brought with them.

2. mud tubes

Termites create mud tubes to protect them as they eat your home’s wood. Common places to find termite tubes are around your home’s foundation, and on posts, pillars or walls in your basement/crawlspace.

3. piles of wings

Only reproductive males and females termites have wings. They swarm to find mates and set up new colonies. Once they find their new home they will shed their wings and take up their new residence.

4. piles of termite droppingsTermite

Termite droppings can look like piles of sawdust or piles of salt and pepper. They can be found on floors and directly under an exit tunnel the termites created.

5. peeling paint or blisters in wood flooring

Termites need moisture to survive so they bring it in with them. This moisture in wood gives the appearance of water damage to your paint and wood flooring.

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