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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Beverly Hills

Yellow Jackets

Beverly Hills residents often come across yellow jackets in the village. Yellow jackets are very common in residential neighborhoods because they like to build their nests in and around houses.

Yellow jackets tend to build large nests in wall cavities and ceilings, and they even use the drywall as a building material. Yellow jacket activity is very common in the summer and early fall when their nests are at their largest.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are common in Beverly Hills in both residential and commercial neighborhoods near wooded areas. Carpenter ants build their nests outdoors in various wood sources, including tree stumps, firewood or landscaping.

However, if they gain access to a wooden structure like your house, they can pose a real threat. They are the most serious pest of any ant species because of the significant structural damage they can cause as they chew holes in wood to build out their nests.

Carpenter ants are very common in the areas surrounding the Douglas Evans Nature Preserve and the Hidden Rivers Nature Preserve.

As licensed pest control experts in Beverly Hills, we can not only get rid of any pest activity you’re currently seeing, we can also treat your home and/or yard to make sure pests don’t come back.

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Other Pests

While yellow jackets and carpenter ants are both common pests in Beverly Hills when the weather warms up, during the winter we often get calls about mice and spiders.

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Sally M.
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About Beverly Hills, MI

Beverly Hills is a family-friendly village in Southfield Township and a suburb of Detroit. With a population of more than 10,200, it is the most populous village in Michigan.

It was established in 1958 as Westwood, and renamed the following year as Beverly Hills.

The 127-mile Rouge River runs right through the middle of Beverly Hills. On the east side of the river, right off of Evergreen Road, lies the Douglas Evans Nature Preserve. This beautiful preserve is an 18-acre natural area where all different kinds of wildlife makes a home.

The 34-acre Beverly Hills Village Park is a very popular place to go to with your family and friends. The park includes a 9-hole disc golf course. It is the perfect course to get some practice in or learn a brand new sport.

The park also has a sled hill and ice skating rink, sand volleyball and basketball courts, two baseball fields and two tennis courts, a large playground, and a wooded natural area with trails for biking/hiking.

All this beautiful greenery attracts all kinds of pests. Tired of putting up with pests in your home or business? Give us a call today for a free quote on Beverly Hills pest control services!