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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Burlington

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are quite common in New England towns like Burlington. They tend to congregate in large numbers and they typically return seasonally, seeking shelter in and around your home in the cold months of winter.

In spring and summer, boxelder bugs prefer to live in boxelder and maple trees, so they’re especially common near the Burlington Landlocked Forest or other wooded areas.


Mice are prevalent in just about every city in the country. They often nest in your home’s insulation on the inside of walls or in an unfinished attic.

Once they have settled in, they multiply at a rapid pace so it’s important to start treatment for them as soon as you see signs of activity.

Burlington residents who live near conservation areas, like the Mill Pond Reservoir & Conservation Area, are especially susceptible to rodent activity.

Other Pests

Drain flies, clover mites, mosquitoes and other pests are often found in Burlington as well, so keep an eye out for anything that looks unusual, like nests or droppings.

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About Burlington, MA

Burlington is located just 12 miles northwest of Boston.

Its highest point, Greenleaf Mountain, reaches only 290 feet above sea level. The town enjoys some of the most temperate weather in the region, with about 200 sunny days each year.

This makes Burlington perfect for enjoying the outdoors, including more than 250 acres of land designated as conservation areas. These preserves encompass dry woodlands, wetlands and ponds, making them popular homes for birds and other local wildlife.

Since pests like all these natural features, too, all kinds of pests call Burlington home. Whether you’re interested in seasonal Burlington pest control or a 1-time service, give us a call today for a fast, free quote!