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If you own a home, you are probably keenly aware that your battle against pests is an ongoing one that seemingly has no end. No matter how much you try to secure your Nevada home against unwanted intruders like insects, spiders, rodents, and more, they always seem to find their way in and make life miserable. However, you don’t have to battle against these pests alone—with high quality pest control services, you can both eliminate the problems you have and prevent new ones from developing. When you’re looking for a dependable pest control company in Reno, look no further than the pros at proof. pest control.

The experienced technicians at proof. pest control Reno have always made it a priority to deliver results, and our reputation for excellence is based on this ongoing commitment to doing the job right. We are always reviewing and improving our methods to make our services better, and we’re always pushing ourselves to deliver a customer experience that won’t be matched anywhere else. Whether you need a simple treatment for a routine problem or some serious expertise for a major issue, we offer comprehensive solutions that never cut corners or sacrifice on quality. Every service we perform is backed by our quality guarantee, and we even offer a preventive program that guarantees freedom from more that two dozen different pest species!

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Experienced pest control from local pros is only a phone call away! Reach out to the experts at proof. pest control by calling now.

specialty pest services in reno, nv

Here’s the thing with pest control services: what might work for treating rats or mice will almost certainly be ineffective against roaches, flies, mosquitos, or any number of other intruders. Even different breeds of the same species can behave completely unlike other similar pests, and that can make dealing with them a challenge to an untrained or inexperienced pest control company. Every pest problem needs to be approached uniquely, and proof. pest control offers specialized pest services that are based on each species’ individual characteristics and behavior.

We offer solutions for all of the following:

mosquito control in reno

Mosquitos are a common part of life during summer. They lay their eggs in even small amounts of standing water, including ponds, golf course water features, and even garden fountains. If you’re sick of scratching bites or worrying about the diseases these prolific vermin can carry, call proof. pest control to schedule a mosquito treatment today.

wasp & hornet nest treatments

A wasp or hornet sting could be life threatening for someone who is allergic, so dealing with this problem is monumentally important. However, because these insects have a tendency to build nests pretty close to or even on your home, treating them can be challenging. If you want the peace of mind of knowing that your wasp or hornet problems are eliminated for good, make the call to the experts at proof. pest control. We treat them directly at the source and utilize premium products for longer-lasting solutions.

We can help with any of the following:

  • Outdoor nests: These are frequently found under the eaves of your home, and are assembled over time. Larger nests can support dozens of adult wasps, and the more wasps in a nest, the larger they can grow. Our techs use premium products that eliminate wasps on contact and have an extender arm to reach nests up to 30 feet high.
  • Internal nests: Wasps that find a small crack in your wall might have built a nest in the space between your interior and exterior wall surfaces. This makes direct access a challenge, so we treat the area around the external entrance to the nest so that workers can spread it to the colony. This generally eliminates the colony within a week.shops5k elf barelf bar 1500 купить харьковthis page
  • Ground nests: Some nests can be found underground, and these ones are particularly difficult to locate. If we determine you have an underground nest, we work to locate it and then treat it either directly or using a specialized method that eliminates the entire colony within three to five days.

bed bug exterminator in reno

If you are like many Reno residents, at some point you will need to control bed bugs, as these pests spread throughout our community. Bed bugs are not only gross and uncomfortable, but they can even cause severe allergic reactions in some people. They can hide in the smallest spaces undetected and are extremely difficult to deal with, making anyone vulnerable to their threat. No matter the size of your infestation, proof. pest’s bed bug exterminator Reno control services can fix the problem. Get your Reno home back today with a Bed Bug Inspection and Removal Plan from proof. pest control.

Learn more about our Pest-Free Guarantee™ plan or schedule a service with the team at proof. pest control! Contact us today.

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