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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Woodhaven

Bald-faced Hornets

These hornets make their nests from wood fibers and saliva, and these nests can grow to about the size of a football at the peak of their season!

Bald-faced hornets like to hang their nests from trees, so they are common near wooded areas, like Deerfield Park. They are most active in late summer and early fall.

While not always as aggressive as their smaller yellow jacket cousins, they can deliver painful stings if they feel threatened, so let our experts handle your bald-faced hornet problem for you!

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder trees are native to the region, and you’ll find them throughout Woodhaven. As you might have guessed from their name, boxelder bugs typically live in these trees, so we see them in and around homes across the city.

They aren’t harmful to humans, but they can congregate in large numbers during their breeding season in the spring and summer. When the weather starts to cool, they seek shelter in homes, so your house could be overrun quickly with an infestation.

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Other Common Pests

Throughout Woodhaven, you’ll also find mice, rats, spiders, wasps, ants and more, so don’t hesitate to call the pest control experts here at proof. if you suspect a problem.

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Amanda T.
– Michigan
“Very nice and helpful! Took care of issues in the garage.”
Wynne C.
– Michigan
“once again, steve is very knowledgeable and thorough — he takes the time to explain what he sees and answer any questions. further, he is prompt and pleasant — a big bonus and an excellent reflection on proof pest. thank you steve!”
Deb C.
– Michigan
“Ethan Allen service is outstand”
Claire R.
– Michigan
“Ethan was so thorough with inspecting my home fir mice activity. He is so knowledgeable about mice activity and was so thorough inspecting our house inside, including our garage and outside of our property to determine where they are entering our home . He knows how to remediate the problem and we appreciate Proof Pest Control and their policy of follow-up at no extra charge until the mice are knocked down out of our house ! 5 stars !”
Ellen L.
– Michigan
“Ethan is awesome!”
Patrick C.
– Michigan
“Ethan from Proof Pest Control was awesome today. You guys are lucky to have Ethan working for the company. Keep up the great work.”
Michael M.
– Michigan
“Friendly & professional”
Joanne A.
– Michigan
“Thank you!!! “

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About Woodhaven, MI

Woodhaven is one of 18 suburbs of Detroit located in the area to the southwest known as Downriver.

More than 12,000 people live in the city, which is best known for the Ford Stamping Plant.

Green spaces are plentiful in the community, making it an attractive place for residents. However, that natural beauty also attracts a wide range of pests to the area.

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