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common pest issues we treat in plymouth

Common types of pests we treat in the area include:

Some common indoor pests we see a lot of in Plymouth are earwigs, spiders and silverfish.

plymounth termite control

Costing billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year, termites are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Since they are often hidden away within the structure of a home, they can be there for years before a homeowner finally discovers them. The three types of termites are subterranean, drywood, and dampwood. All in search of wood, termites have the potential to cause extensive, irreversible damage to your home.

Things that attract termites include:

  • Excess foliage
  • Piles of wood
  • Dead or decaying trees
  • Mulch
  • Cellulose material
  • Clogged gutters
  • Warm, dark places
  • Moist soil

If you notice winged ants, mud tubes, wings that have been shed, or structural damage to your home, you might be facing a termite infestation.

roof rat control in plymouth

Roof rats are a common pest in Plymouth, like they are in most other Michigan cities. Smaller than their Norwegian rat cousins, these rats prefer to live above ground so they’re often found in attics, walls, ceilings, and cabinets.

Most rat activity is seen in the fall and winter when they spend more time indoors to stay out of the cold.

Roof rats are opportunistic eaters that can survive on almost any kind of food, so a great way to minimize your chances of attracting these unwelcome guests is to make sure that there is no open or easy source of food either in or around your home.

Residential areas with mature landscaping provide a good habitat for roof rats, as does the vegetation around riverbanks and streams. Unlike mice, roof rats have a larger range so it’s not uncommon for them to live in or around one house and feed somewhere else like a nearby restaurant.

Like other rodents, roof rats are considered pests because they reproduce rapidly, they can cause damage to items by their constant gnawing (even metal items) and they can carry dangerous diseases.

If you suspect you may have an issue with rats, we provide dedicated Rodent Control services that can take care of any existing infestation, plus prevent future infestations as well. Give us a call today to learn more and get a free, custom quote!

plymouth clover mite control

Clover mites are tiny, red or brown relatives of spiders. Their two front legs are much longer than the others, making them look like antennae. However, they actually have 8 legs like other arachnids. As you’d imagine, cover mites feed on grasses and ground covers that often grow in grasses such as clover.

An unfortunate side effect of taking great care of your lawn so you have beautiful grass is that you will also be taking great care of your clover mites! Once their numbers get high enough, it’s common to see them swarming out of the lawn, onto the exterior of houses and even inside.

Most clover mite swarms happen in Plymouth in the springtime, but we also see them now and then in the fall. These tiny pests don’t harm anything directly, but if smashed they’ll leave a bright reddish stain.

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At proof. pest control, we don’t just provide one service and then leave you hanging like many other pest control companies. Pests can re-enter your home at any time, which is why we provide year-round protection through our Pest-Free Guarantee™.

We offer pest management solutions in Plymouth, including:

Here at proof. pest control, our team has seen it all, and we can help you get your home back to being pest-free! We offer free inspections and after-hours service.

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When you work with us, you can expect year-round treatment. Nothing is more important to us than making sure you, your pets, your family, and your home are safe. Using advanced techniques, botanically-derived products, synthetic treatments, and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to effectively flush pets out of your home.

Give proof. pest control a call at 734-926-8999 to learn more about our pest control service in Plymouth.

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