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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Weston

Carpenter Ants

Although many of the homes in Weston are fairly new, there are still plenty of historic, antique homes in the area.

Carpenter ants love to make their homes in older properties in which the wood has begun to rot, though you can find them in new homes as well. They are especially common near damp areas, like near the Weston Reservoir or along the Stony Brook Basin.

Carpenter ants are large and black so they’re relatively easy to spot. Common places to see them around your home include any outside wooden decks, and near kitches and bathrooms.


There are many different species of wasps, and you’ll find plenty of them in and around Weston.

They like to build nests under eaves and other horizontal structures so they are relatively common in residential areas.

Wasps tend to be quite aggressive, especially when they feel like their nest is under threat, so they can pose a danger to pets, children or anyone who’s allergic to them if they build a nest on your property.

Our seasonal Pest Free Guarantee™ service includes protection against wasps and hornets, plus more than 30 other common Massachusetts pests. If you find a wasp or hornet nest on your property at any time year-round, just give us a call and we’ll send out a technician at no charge within 1-2 business days (in most cases) to take care of it for you!

Other Pests

Ants are a common Weston pest in the spring and summer time. Two of the most common types of ants are carpenter ants and pavement, or slab, ants.

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About Weston, MA

Weston is a small town at the western edge of the Greater Boston metropolitan area.

Weston enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the Boston area, thanks to the 24/7 police presence on its private roads. Homes in Weston often sell for $2 million or more, and plenty of scenic parks and green spaces throughout the town provide beauty and recreation for its residents.

Unfortunately, there are still pests in Weston just like anywhere else. If you have questions about the best way to treat existing pest issues, or you’d like to get a free Weston pest control quote from one of our Massachusetts pest experts, give us a call today!