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Lake Cochituate is one of the most defining features of Wayland, and it attracts visitors throughout the year, though not all of them are desirable. Mosquitoes reproduce in standing water, so they are common in homes near the lake over the summer.

If your home is near the lake, Heard Pond, or any other areas with water features, you’ve probably dealt with these annoying, flying insects. Aside from the nuisance factor, mosquitoes can also carry dangerous diseases.

For protection against both mosquitoes and ticks this summer, check out our Mosquito & Tick Control service. It can reduce populations of both these biting pests by 80-90%, starting in just a few days!

Carpenter Ants

New England is famous for its antique architecture, and you’ll find no shortage of that in Wayland. While older homes are beautiful to look at, they can also attract carpenter ants.

These large ants love to chew on old, damp wood, though they don’t eat it like termites do. Regardless, they can still cause serious damage to your property over time!

While older wood is their preference, they won’t say no to newer wood, so don’t be fooled into thinking you are safe if your home is on the newer side. Those who live near forested areas, like the Dudley Pond Recreation Area or Sears Land, are at a serious risk of carpenter ant infestation sooner or later.

For guaranteed protection all year against carpenter ants and 30+ more common Massachusetts pests, check out our Pest Free Guarantee™ service!

Other Pests

Some of the other local Wayland pests we see on a regular basis are roaches, boxelder bugs, spiders, small rodents and other household pests.

If you’ve got some (or a lot!) of these guys in your Wayland home, give us a call today to learn about our services and get a free quote!

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About Wayland, MA

Wayland is a small town of about 14,000 people located in Middlesex County.

Wayland attracts families from across the country who visit the town to take part in a variety of water sports on Lake Cochituate, especially in the summer.

Local residents love this easy access to water as well, which is why the area has become a popular residential community in the Greater Boston Area.

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