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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Shrewsbury

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are seasonal pests that often plague homeowners in Shrewsbury. Easily recognizable by their characteristic black and red markings, these bugs tend to congregate in large numbers.

Just when you think they have gone away, they come back in even larger numbers! They are most commonly found around wooded areas, like Prospect Park and Rawson Hill.


Firebrats are similar to silverfish. They can enter your home in search of starches, like flour, potatoes, bread, and other everyday pantry items.

Though they aren’t particularly harmful to humans, they can create quite a mess, and they can track bacteria into your food. They prefer areas that are humid, so Shrewsbury homes near natural or man-made water features like Flint Pond, Mill Pond, or Lake Quinsigamond tend to be more at risk for a firebrat infestation.

As their name implies, firebrats like heat. This makes them a common pest in commercial buildings with heat sources like boilers or furnaces.

Other Pests

Mosquitoes are prevalent in the summer in Shrewsbury areas with standing water features of any kind (or size), and mice and other rodents are common pests in Shrewsbury homes located near parks or natural open spaces. As in most residential areas, you’ll also find ants, spiders, roaches and other common pests.

For help getting rid of these or any other troublesome bugs or critters, call us today for a free quote! We’ll be happy to make your Shrewsbury home or business pest-free once more!

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Real Reviews from Our Shrewsbury Pest Control Customers

Deanna F.
– Shrewsbury, MA
“It’s been such a pleasure being able to work in the yard this summer without always being covered in ants. I must’ve had every known type in every part of my yard. They’re gone and I sure don’t miss ’em! Even the sugar ants are gone from inside my house and I didn’t even have them treat the inside. Very pleased!”
Kerry D.
– Shrewsbury, MA
“Harold was very polite and professional. So was Tyler. My only problem was that I received a call to reschedule my first appointment due to rain, but I never called back to reschedule. The next day Harold showed up! It worked out fine, but there was a miscommunication somewhere. Other than that, so far so good!!

Thank you!!!”

Lauren W.
– Shrewsbury, MA
“So far so good”
Polly M.
– Shrewsbury, MA
“in general, fairly positive. one small request, please correct your records to indicate my first name is Polly, not Paulie. thank you :)”
Roland G.
– Shrewsbury, MA
“So far so good. I have only had the initial visit. Harold was very professional,courteous and friendly. I hope the powder post beetle treatment is effective.”
Steven E.
– Shrewsbury, MA
“Jose was very thorough and acted professionally and cordially, explaining what he was going to do and why. All in all, a very good representative of your company.”

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About Shrewsbury, MA

Shrewsbury is a small town in central Massachusetts. It covers just shy of 22 square miles, and the area is mostly residential.

Unlike many of the other communities in the region, Shrewsbury was never a mill town or farming village.

Instead, the lush nature and welcoming climate led Shrewsbury to become more of a resort town. Local residents enjoy a variety of landscaped parks and recreational areas, making it a haven for outdoorsy types.

Unfortunately, not all of these outdoorsy types in Shrewsbury are people! If you’re tired of Shrewsbury pests turning your home into a haven, give us a call today for a free Shrewsbury pest control quote!