Does Vinegar Repel Mice? Rodent Elimination

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From cleaning to cooking, vinegar is a popular household ingredient. When you use vinegar, the possibilities are often limitless! You can even use the liquid in many of your pest control methods!

But does vinegar repel mice too?

Keep reading to learn more about vinegar rodent control and what you can do to keep these pests at bay. 

Uses for Vinegar 

Vinegar is a staple in many sauces and dressings like ketchup and ranch. Often used in cooking, vinegar can cut the sweetness of a baking dish or add a sharp twang to your next soup or stew. 

From apple cider vinegar to rice wine vinegar, you’ll find usage for this sharp-smelling liquid in your kitchen! Drizzle balsamic vinegar over your salad or bruschetta while you’re at it too! 

White vinegar is also a helpful preservative, often used in canning techniques. 

Beyond its use in your kitchen, vinegar is a valuable cleaning agent. Many at-home cleaners use vinegar as a food-safe disinfectant in areas where bleach isn’t recommended. 

Have tough stains on your stove or countertops? Use a diluted vinegar solution to eliminate any stubborn messes! If the smell dissuades you from using it, we suggest adding your favorite essential oil. 

Scents build up in clothes and tend to stick around without proper disinfectants. A cup of vinegar in your wash can keep your clothing smelling squeaky clean!

Take a look at this list to find out where you can use vinegar in your home as a cleaning agent!

But what about pest control?

Vinegar also works well in various pest control methods and can serve different purposes based on your pest. For fruit flies, vinegar won’t repel them. Instead, these pests will come flocking toward the pungent smell!

Many at-home fruit fly traps utilize the liquid to catch hundreds of these annoying pests quickly. Add some vinegar and dish soap to a bowl or bottle, and wait for the insects to pile up in the soapy solution!

Gardeners often turn toward it in their gardens to eliminate many invasive pests. While we don’t recommend spraying vinegar directly onto your plants or grass, there are many practical uses for the liquid outdoors. 

Spraying it around the edge of your garden could help repel annoying bugs that feast on your plants and remove fast-growing weeds. 

What about indoor pests? Does vinegar repel mice, ants, cockroaches, or spiders inside your home?

For ants, vinegar sprays swiftly destroy their scent trails, making it harder for them to reach your home or find their way back to their colonies. Directly spraying the pesky insects will also swiftly rid your home of its ranks!

Vinegar’s pungent smell can also help keep spiders from certain areas inside your home. If you’re noticing these pests in heavily frequented areas, spray some vinegar and water around your baseboards to send these eight-legged arachnids packing!

Remember that vinegar won’t act similarly to conventional pesticides, so don’t expect to eliminate spiders or ants with a quick spray around your floor. Vinegar will only send them running the other way unless you directly spray these pests. 

It won’t make a dent in cockroach or bed bug populations. Unless you spray bed bugs directly, these pests will bypass the vinegar and continue to bite. Roaches eat anything, so vinegar’s strong scent won’t be enough to deter them. 

Does Vinegar Repel Mice?

So, we know that vinegar helps repulse other pests, but does vinegar repel mice?

Mouse of concrete

Because of its pungent smell, it can help deter mice from infesting and spreading their droppings to certain areas of your home. This scent is often too intense for a rodent’s sensitive nose, like peppermint and other essential oils. 

Many homeowners will saturate cotton balls with pure peppermint oil and place them near areas with increased rodent activity, like kitchens, basements, and bedrooms.


You could do the same with vinegar, but be careful not to oversaturate your home with the overpowering smell!

If you want to get the job done and avoid smelling vinegar all day, consider spraying your baseboards and countertops with a water and vinegar solution. Simply mix one-half of the vinegar with two halves of water in a spray bottle. 

Does vinegar repel mice, or should you leave this DIY option on the shelf? Theoretically, rodents should avoid areas saturated with offending odors and choose other places to forage or hide. While it won’t eliminate the mice indoors, vinegar could help repel the pests. 

However, don’t solely rely on vinegar as your chosen pest control solution. Even if you manage to keep mice away from the kitchen, bedroom, or living rooms, they can still head toward other areas of your home to bed down and breed. 

Once the vinegar wears away, mice will sneak back to areas rife with food to eat away at your groceries. Plus, vinegar isn’t always effective at keeping rodents away. While the smell may irritate some, others bypass it completely to reach food. 

To combat the mice problem in your home, you’ll need to rely on proven pest control methods to eliminate pesky pests. 

Rodent bait can quickly eliminate many mice, but only utilize this option if you don’t have children or pets or can effectively keep them away from the poison. 

Traps work well too, and there are many options available. Traditional snap traps have always been popular, and many modern adaptations eliminate pests quickly and humanely. 

Sticky traps are also an option, but we advise you to use bait whenever choosing these. Sticky traps catch live animals, and unless you dissolve the oil and release the mouse, the rodent will remain on the sticky substance alive. Other animals can even become trapped once disposed. 

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