Earwig Trap: 4 Perfect Solutions

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Earwigs are occasional invaders that vex homeowners across many of proof.’s service areas. These creepy critters are frightening, but we have the best alternative for avoiding an infestation!

Whenever you have earwigs inside, an earwig trap is one of the best options to eliminate their ranks and keep future infestations at bay. Keep reading to learn more about the best DIY pest control solution for your earwig problem!

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How do Earwigs Come Inside?

Wait, how did I get these pests in the first place? This is a common question many homeowners have whenever they find earwigs indoors. 

Unlike other pests, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a significant earwig problem. These pests aren’t as prolific as ants or roaches, so you shouldn’t worry about them causing too many issues. 

Earwigs can invade by crawling through cracks in your home’s exterior. Many pest infestations occur because of unseen crevices or damages. Without proper repair, you could have pests each season!

Here are places where earwigs may sneak indoors:

  • Vents
  • Wall crevices
  • Foundational cracks
  • Holes that lead indoors
  • Gaps between doors and windows

While common outdoors, earwigs may come inside if the conditions in your yard aren’t optimal. If the weather outside isn’t suitable for earwigs, they’ll search for other areas to find shelter. 

Once inside, earwigs flock toward dark and damp places. You may see them in your bathroom, under sinks and refrigerators, inside cabinets, or around water heaters. Any site with ample moisture could become a hotspot for earwigs. 

Making the Perfect Earwig Trap

With a few simple steps, you’ll have a foolproof earwig trap to eliminate the pesky insects infesting your home.

Sticky Glue Traps

These traps eliminate common indoor pests like spiders, roaches, and rodents. Plus, you can purchase a variety of glue traps at online retailers or local convenience stores. 

If you’re just looking for a quick solution, head to your nearest gardening center and grab a few sticky traps. Place them in spaces where you’ve spotted earwigs and wait a few days for the tiny bugs to congregate in the traps. 

The trap looks different depending on the brand you choose. Some sticky traps may lie flat and exposed, so tiny pests can quickly scurry across the flat glue surface. Others have an enclosed covering, providing the insect false protection against the elements. 

If you’re concerned about attracting the earwigs to the traps, consider adding a bait or attractant to the surface of the sticky trap. 

Earwig Container Trap

Here’s another storebought option you can try. To use this earwig trap, simply add water and place it wherever earwigs are common in your home. Instructions may vary depending on the brand, but water-activated baited traps are ready to use after you add a few drops. 

Other types may require additional bait options like peanut butter or oil. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the trap to ensure your gadget works correctly and attracts earwigs inside. 

After setting up your trap and arranging it in damp areas, you should notice a decrease in the number of earwigs. Because these traps are primarily enclosed, you won’t have to look at the unsightly pests either!

Once enough earwigs have accumulated inside your trap, dispose of the insects, reset your lure, or place another down. 

Traps without baits are typically pesticide-free and safe to use around pets and children. While we still advise keeping your earwig traps away from your little ones, you can rest assured that they’ll stay safe!

Creating a DIY Earwig Trap

Want to try your hand at creating your own earwig trap? We can help! 

If you don’t want to purchase a pre-made trap, you can easily create your own similar to many store-bought options. 

Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Lidded plastic container or shallow bowl/can
  • Cooking oil (canola, olive, vegetable, or whatever you have in your pantry)
  • Soy sauce or fish oil

That’s all you’ll need to make an effective trap. No, really! 

Once you’ve mixed everything, poke holes through the lid and place it back on. If you don’t want to ruin one of your containers, use an old butter or ice cream box!

If you’re not worried about a little mess, you can mix everything in a shallow bowl or pet food can and let the earwigs congregate in the oil. Just don’t spill anything! Just toss everything in the trash after you’ve caught enough earwigs.

The oil and sauce mixture entices the pests to crawl into your trap. Because of the dense consistency, the insects are trapped and eventually drown. 

If you’re struggling with earwigs in your garden, slightly bury the trap in the ground or shrubbery nearby. Earwigs already feasting on your plants or other organic matter will become entangled as they forage around. 


For indoor earwig infestations, place these traps in areas with significant earwig activity, like bathrooms, cabinets, basements, or around household plants.

Flowerpot Earwip Trap

Here’s another trap for earwigs infesting your garden or houseplants. Purchase a small clay flowerpot from a garden or hardware store. While it doesn’t matter what the pot looks like, ensure a small drainage hole is on the bottom. 

Pack newspaper or straw inside the pot and turn it upside down. Push a gardening stake through the drainage hole, and tie the opening with twine or string to ensure the interior contents don’t fall out.

Because these pests are nocturnal, they’ll flock to dark areas as safe havens against the overbearing sun or the bright fluorescents in your home. You should be able to catch handfuls of these pests each morning!

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