Why Are There Earwigs in my House?

By proofPest

“Why are there earwigs in my house?”

Earwigs, those sneaky intruders, have a knack for finding their way indoors, leaving homeowners puzzled and frustrated. 

But fear not; we’re here to shed light on their behavior and provide practical strategies to protect your home.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of earwigs and explore why they seek shelter inside our living spaces. From their attraction to moisture-rich environments to their ability to exploit tiny cracks and crevices, we’ll uncover the secrets behind their home invasions.

But knowledge alone won’t solve the problem. That’s why we’ll arm you with effective pest control techniques tailored specifically for battling earwigs. Keep reading to find out more!

Earwigs Come Indoors for Shelter

Earwigs, the unexpected house guests seeking refuge! When the weather takes a wild turn, these crafty critters seek solace in the cozy corners of your home. Their determination to find a warm and comfortable shelter can lead them straight to your doorstep. 

Those cracks in your foundation, gaps in windows, or even small openings around pipes become their secret entry points. Before you know it, they’ve settled in, ready to enjoy the comforts of your abode.

But fear not, for you can evict these tiny intruders! By sealing off their entryways and fortifying your home’s defenses, you can restore your space to a human-only sanctuary. 

Identifying and patching up cracks, gaps, and openings will leave them scratching their heads, wondering how they missed out on their dream home.

Moisture May Encourage Pests

Wait, why are there earwigs in my house near water sources?

moisture on a shower door

Earwigs have a nose for dampness, and they won’t resist the allure of your home’s humid hideouts. Bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces provide the perfect environment for these moisture-seeking insects. 

The presence of water leaks, condensation, or areas with poor ventilation only strengthens their determination to set up camp within your walls.

Don’t let them dampen your spirits! Take charge and dry up their plans. Fixing plumbing issues, improving airflow, and reducing moisture levels in susceptible areas will scare them elsewhere. Creating a dry and inhospitable environment will make your home far less enticing for these moisture enthusiasts.

Why Are There Earwigs in My House: Beware of Food Sources!

Earwigs, the opportunistic foodies of the insect world! They’ll gladly feast on anything from your garden’s bounty to decaying leftovers. In fact, their diet is so versatile that they’ve earned a reputation as nature’s cleanup crew. 

While their appetite for organic matter can be beneficial outdoors, it becomes problematic when they start infiltrating your kitchen or pantry.

Time to outsmart their insatiable appetite and protect your precious plants! By practicing good sanitation habits, sealing food containers tightly, and promptly removing any food debris, you’ll create an unwelcoming environment for these opportunistic pests.

Keep an Eye on Your Potted Plants

Surprise guests hiding in your potted paradise! Earwigs find solace in your beloved plants’ moist soil and leafy sanctuaries. Those vibrant potted wonders bring them joy, but for you, they bring unwelcome critters inside your home.

But fret not, green-thumbed defender! You can reclaim your potted paradise by implementing a few simple strategies. Inspect your plants regularly indoors and outdoors for any signs of earwig activity

Treat the soil with pest control solutions or create barriers around the pots. These measures will help deter earwigs from turning your indoor jungle into their private residence.

Eliminating Earwigs in Your Home with Traps

Earwig traps can be a helpful tool in your arsenal for controlling earwig populations around your home. Here’s some information about earwig traps and how they work:

Simple DIY Traps: Get crafty and create your own earwig traps using items you probably already have at home. These dark and cozy traps will lure earwigs in, providing a sneaky hiding spot. Roll up some newspaper or grab a damp burlap sack and strategically place them where earwigs love to hang out. Wake up in the morning, gather the traps, and bid farewell to those trapped intruders.

Oil or Water Traps: It’s time to give earwigs a taste of their own medicine. Fill a shallow dish with vegetable oil or soapy water and set it up in areas where earwigs are causing a ruckus. The irresistible combination of the scent and the inviting liquid will tempt these pests to take a dip, only to find themselves in a sticky situation. Keep an eye on your trap, and watch as those pesky earwigs meet their watery demise.

Commercial Traps: Plenty of ready-made earwig traps are available if you prefer a hassle-free approach. These traps come with unique tricks to capture these unwanted guests. Some use sticky surfaces that leave earwigs stuck, while others entice them with irresistible baits. Choose the one that suits your fancy and let the trap work its magic, giving those earwigs a taste of their own medicine.

Remember, while traps are a fun and effective way to combat earwigs, they are just one part of a comprehensive strategy. Combine trap usage with preventive measures, such as reducing moisture, sealing entry points, and maintaining a tidy environment, for the best results.

DIY Repellents Against Earwigs

With a few simple ingredients from your pantry and a sprinkle of creativity, you can create your very own arsenal of earwig repellents. Let’s dive into the world of natural solutions and home remedies that will have those earwigs running for cover.

a peeled orange

Essential Oils: It’s time to harness the aromatic forces of nature! Grab some peppermint, lavender, citrus, or tea tree essential oils and get ready to create an invisible forcefield against earwigs. Mix a few drops with water, load up your spray bottle, and spritz away! The fragrant scents will have earwigs fleeing for the hills, leaving your home smelling fresh and earwig-free.

Vinegar: Say goodbye to those unwanted earwig guests with the power of vinegar! This versatile liquid isn’t just for salad dressings; it’s also a natural earwig repellent. Whip up a concoction of vinegar and water, aim your trusty spray bottle, and unleash the acidic aroma. The tangy scent will make earwigs think twice before invading your space.

Citrus Peels: It’s time to give those citrus peels a new purpose in life—repelling earwigs! Instead of tossing them into the compost bin, strategically place citrus peels around your home to create a barrier that sends earwigs scurrying in the opposite direction. The zesty fragrance will have them thinking twice about setting foot in your citrus-scented kingdom.

Dish Soap and Water: Bubbles aren’t just for bath time; they can also help you bid farewell to earwigs! Mix a few drops of dish soap with water in a spray bottle, and you’ve got yourself a DIY earwig weapon. Spot an earwig intruder? Give it a blast of soapy water! The slippery suds will make quick work of these unwanted guests.

Earwig Oil Trap: Want to take your pest control up a notch? Try creating an earwig trap! You’ll need a small container, vegetable oil, and a fragrant-smelling liquid or food item in your kitchen. Try out tuna juice or soy sauce! Check out this video to learn how to best place this trap and catch those pesky earwigs. 

Garlic: While garlic may not ward off bloodsuckers, it sends earwigs running for cover. It’s time for earwigs to say, “Vamoose!” crush a few garlic cloves, strategically place them in infested areas or near entry points, and watch the pungent aroma work its magic.

Remember, while natural repellents and home remedies can be effective, they may require trial and error. So, grab your spray bottles, mix up your potent potions, and show those earwigs who’s boss! But if you face a full-scale earwig invasion, don’t hesitate to call the professional pest control cavalry for reinforcements.

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