Get Rid of Rodents in Attic: Our Top 5 Tips!

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A good night’s sleep is all you’ll want after a long and hard day. 

But it’s hard to have sweet dreams with mice and rats running over your head!

Rodents are curious creatures that bed down in aggravating and often unreachable places. Your attic is filled with insulation or prized mementos and shouldn’t be home to annoying pests!

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of rodents in attic spaces and what you can do to keep them gone for good. 

How did Rodents Get in My Attic?

Rats and mice are often unwelcome visitors creeping around your bedroom or living room as you lay down to sleep. These pests invade kitchens and pantries for food, leaving behind unsanitary droppings with each step.

So, why did they climb two or three floors to reach your attic?

Depending on the species, these hard-to-reach areas could be their preferred living situation. Roof rats tend to nest in high places like trees. Once indoors, they typically head upstairs to rest in crawlspaces and attics.

Because rats won’t stray too far from their nesting spot, the roof rats stay congregated in one area overhead, only venturing out to find food and water. 

Roof rats prefer tall spaces to protect themselves against threats on the ground. Other rats and mice may also head to higher ground if they sense danger in your home or feel safer away from the hustle and bustle of your home life. 

Seasonality can also account for their location. During the winter, these pests come inside in droves. 

Your home provides shelter away from harsh winter weather and other outdoor predators. Because many homes across the country turn the thermostat up high as the temperatures drop low, rodents could climb upwards toward the rising heat. 

Mice and rats are adept climbers. Both species can fit in small holes, squeezing their tiny bodies through cramped spaces. 

They can also head indoors through broken spaces on your roof, roof eaves, or open vent grates. If you have unrestricted access to your attic, the rodents will exploit these openings to find a way indoors. 

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Attic Rooms

Have you stayed awake one time too many, listening to rodents run around overheard? Don’t worry! We have tips to help you get rid of rodents in attic or upstairs spaces.

Try Rodent Traps

Traps are one of the easiest ways to combat rodents. You can quickly ensnare the rambling critters with a dollop of their favorite food. 

Traditional snap traps have long been a favorite for homeowners. These traps quickly get the job done, and many modern products eliminate the mess you may have to deal with afterward. Some even trap the rodent in an enclosure, minimizing your interaction with the pest.

To entice rodents to visit the traps, place peanut butter or cheese on the trap’s trigger. After safely positioning your bait, set the trap and leave it in your attic. 

Try to place your trap where rodents frequent, but this may be difficult. Because mice defecate wherever they move, you’ll have difficulty determining their exact location. Rats try to stick to one area, so you may have more success finding their general zone. 

You can use many snap traps to quickly eliminate rodents in your attic. However, not all traps have to be lethal! You can utilize catch-and-release traps if eliminating the pests yourself isn’t your style. 

Always consult your local animal control laws before releasing any animal caught in your home. Most states allow you to place the animal outside on your property but nowhere else. Keep in mind that letting the rodent go may enable it to return too!

Sticky traps can also work, but we caution you against using this product outright. Because these traps catch live rodents, you’ll have to deal with the living mouse or rat caught in your home. 

Throwing away sticky traps could accidentally introduce the substance to wild animals, causing them harm as they’re stuck to the glue. If you use sticky traps, put poison on them and try to break down the glue with oil before throwing it away. 



Use Rodent Bait

Want another way to get rid of rodents in attic areas? Use rodent poison with bait! 

Choosing the right rat bait could boil down to your personal pest control preferences. Rodents aren’t typically picky when it comes to a meal. These pests will chew on anything and cause quite a mess in your kitchen. 

Many store-bought options can eliminate rodents but always read the product instructions. Store-bought pesticides and bait are effective when used correctly, but incorrect use could cause problems. 

Keep all rodent bait out of the reach of your children and pets. Because these products are designed to eliminate rodents, they will make you ill if accidentally consumed. Only apply products per their instructions to stay safe!

Preventative Methods

So, we know how to get rid of rodents in attic areas, but is there any way to keep them away for good?

Some preventative methods can help protect your home from pests. Keep reading to find out more!

Home Repair

Pests have to find their way inside somehow! Some spaces are necessary outside your home, but extensive damage or foundational cracks may cause pest problems. Rodents and insects often creep indoors from exterior cracks. 

Ill-fitting doors can provide enough space for a rodent or two to squeeze through. Plus, damaged roof tile or eaves could entice a few high-climbing rodents to shop in your attic. 

Whenever you have home damage encouraging pests, contact a home maintenance specialist to remedy the problem. DIY home repair is complicated, so always consult a professional before starting any project!

Secure Food and Drink

Easy access to food is a dream for these pests! Rodents can chew through packaging and boxes, so unsecured morsels will encourage them more. 

Never leave food out in the open or readily accessible in trashcans. Rodents can climb to reach their next meal and scale a counter to find their next snack! 

Place your food in rigid plastic containers to keep mice and rats from taking a share. While their sharp teeth can pierce through many materials, this should keep your cereal, rice, and grains safe from prying hands- er paws

Rodent Repellent 

What about rodent repellents? Can they get rid of rodents in attic spaces?

Like other barrier pesticides, rodent repellents should convince rodents to set up shop elsewhere. Depending on the product’s potency, you could keep rodents away from your house. 

Depending on your preference, you can also purchase your desired rodent repellent in a pellet form. Just sprinkle the product around areas in your attic where you’ve noticed high rodent activity to curtail these annoying pests. 

Some plants or essential oils can convince rodents to turn the other way when used in high concentrations. Peppermint oil is typically too strong for a mouse’s or rat’s sensitive nose, so they tend to stray away from locations seemed in the smell. 

Using cotton balls and peppermint oil, you can create the perfect rodent repellent at home! Simply soak some cotton balls in your chosen oil or scent. Rodents also dislike eucalyptus and spearmint. 

Place the saturated cotton balls in areas with high rodent activity. While this may not exterminate them for good, they may steer clear of the spot. 

Some electronic rodent repellents claim to keep rodents away with high-pitched noises, but there’s no guarantee that these devices work. To keep your home safe from rodents, rely on proven pest control methods to remedy pest problems. 

Pest control can get rid of rodents in attic crawlspace and other areas in your home. Whenever you need protection from rodents, contact us to schedule a rodent service!

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