Does Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs: We Have the Answers!

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What’s worse than bed bugs? These little pests infest your bed and furniture, leaving you with itchy and painful bites! 

You’ll want to get rid of bed bugs quickly whenever you have an infestation in your bedroom or living room. But what at-home treatments work well for bed bug problems? Does vinegar kill bed bugs? 

Keep reading to find out if vinegar works well for DIY bed bug treatments and other alternatives you can try!

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Here’s the age-old question: Why are there bed bugs in my home?

Surprisingly, there are many common ways a bed bug infestation can begin. Many homeowners report signs of bed bugs after traveling. Hotels, motels, and cruise ships are hotspots for bed bugs. 

Because many individuals constantly cycle through hotel and motel rooms, bed bug infestations can flourish as other travelers accidentally bring them to new locations. These pests hide well within the seams of furniture and mattresses, so you may not even notice the pests!

If you leave your luggage close by an infected bed or chair, bed bugs can crawl into your bags and follow you home. If you notice strange bites following a hotel trip, you may have brought home an unwelcome guest!

Used furniture and clothing may also carry bed bugs. These pests can last months without a hearty meal and may withstand a few weeks alone in your local thrift store. 

Bed bugs commonly infest mattresses but burrow down in other locations like couches, chairs, and comforters.  Any distance away from your bed won’t dissuade these pests, either. They can travel a few feet every night to bite!

Does Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs?

So, does vinegar kill bed bugs, or should you use another alternative?

Frequently used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and clothing, this pantry item has multiple uses. Because of its acidic and abrasive nature, diluted vinegar can remove stubborn stains on your countertops and clothing.

Vinegar is also an effective insect repellent for many common household pests. When you have ant or mosquito problems on your property, vinegar can quickly repel and eliminate pesky insects. 

Because of its pungent odor, many bugs steer clear of areas saturated with vinegar solutions. For bugs attracted to vinegar, like fruit flies, a jar filled with the substance can make an excellent insect trap to catch many pests at once. 

Large concentrations of vinegar mixed with water will eliminate insects through direct applications. Whenever you find insects patrolling your hallways or lawn, spritz them with your vinegar solution to send them packing!

Does vinegar kill bed bugs too?

You can eliminate bed bugs with vinegar by spraying the pests directly. However, you’ll have to find the location of your bed bug infestation and thoroughly saturate the area to stop them completely. 

Effectiveness of Vinegar

However, before you try this DIY trick, you should consider the limitations of the product. 

Vinegar doesn’t have a pleasant smell, and this offensive scent will stick around long after your solution dries. Unless you wash the items you’ve sprayed with vinegar, you’ll smell it long after. 

Larger pieces of furniture like mattresses, chair cushions, and couch cushions aren’t easy to wash unless they have removable covers. Upholstered furniture with bed bugs within their seams will be hard to clean too.

Plus, vinegar isn’t guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs entirely. Unless you directly saturate the bed bugs, you will still struggle with the tiny pests. Spraying your furniture won’t prevent them from biting you or convince them to nest elsewhere. 

If you’re interested in a DIY bed bug treatment, consider this option’s limits and only try this solution when you don’t have to cover significant areas. When you have a large bed bug infestation in your bed, try another alternative to fix the problem. 

Check out our article Choosing the Best Homemade Bed Bug Spray for Your Home to learn more about homemade bed bug treatments you can use!

Other Bed Bug Elimination Methods

While vinegar may not make the cut, other options exist. 

If you have bed bugs on your clothes, covers, or a favorite stuffed toy, throw them into your dryer in its highest setting. You can treat smaller infested items with heat or cold temperatures. We don’t recommend heating larger objects or trying room-wide heating treatments without a professional on hand. 

If your freezer can reach and maintain below-freezing temperatures, bag up smaller infested objects and throw them in your freezer for a few days. After spending a few nights in the cold, all bed bugs should be gone!

Commercial pesticides may also work, but we suggest contacting an extermination company before attempting chemical pesticide treatments. While these options work well, they can be dangerous when applied incorrectly. 

Always follow the product’s instructions on the label and never apply more than necessary!

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