Beetles in Michigan: Local Pests to Avoid!

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Throughout Michigan, 150 different types of beetles live in the Great Lakes region. Keep reading to learn more about common beetles in Michigan and how to protect your property against annoying insects!

Types of Beetles in Michigan

Look at our list to know what types of beetles populate the state of Michigan and what pest control tips work to keep these pests at bay!

Lady Beetle or Ladybug

Ladybugs are common pests that exist in many locations across the United States. Homeowners typically spot these pests as the temperatures drop in the fall and winter. 

While generally harmless, ladybugs are everyday annoyances for homeowners. These pests crowd around ceiling lights, lamps, and windows, resting on hot lightbulbs and searching for warmth.

As winter approaches, many insects head indoors for shelter and a location to overwinter until the spring. Ladybugs are no different! You’ll begin to notice these pests in your Michigan home around later September or October.

Ladybugs aren’t dangerous to humans and cannot spread disease. While they can bite, it’s unlikely these pests will get close enough to cause any harm. Ladybugs are docile and prefer to stick to warm light sources. 

If you have furry friends, try to remove the number of multicolored pests around their spaces. While harmless, ladybugs can make dogs and cats ill once consumed. No one wants their pooch or kitty to suffer from an upset stomach!

Don’t fret whenever you have a ladybug infestation indoors. proof. can remove their ranks and keep your home pest-free throughout the year!

Rice Weevil

Easily identified by their elongated snout, rice weevils are common beetles in Michigan pantries. As their name suggests, rice weevils habitually inhabit stored rice, consuming the products and laying their eggs within your food. 

However, rice weevils won’t solely consume rice. They’ll eat just about anything in your pantry! According to the University of Florida’s IFAS Extension, rice weevils regularly consume the following:

  • Wheat
  • Corn products
  • Rye
  • Beans 
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Cereal
  • Pasta

These pests won’t discriminate when it comes to a good meal! While rice weevils are slow to reproduce, only laying around two eggs a day, these pests can seriously infest your pantry and ruin your stored food. 

Look at this video and see how rice weevils can destroy food in less than a year!

When you have a rice weevil infestation, you can’t easily discard visibly affected portions of your food and retain the rest. Rice weevils hollow out grains to provide housing for their young. A female weevil may drill a hole in a grain of rice to deposit an egg. 

As the insect hatches and develops into larvae, the young rice weevil will consume the inside of the grain until maturing into its adult form. When you have rice weevils in your food, you must toss out affected food items or freeze the infested grub for a week. 

Unless you’re interested in eating the food later, we suggest throwing away the items to avoid eating insects and to ensure you curb the infestation in your pantry. 

Larder Beetles

Like rice weevils, larder beetles are other common beetles in Michigan that regularly infest kitchens across the state. 

These tiny beetles initially gained their names by invading larder rooms. These spaces were food storage areas utilized before the invention and mass production of refrigerators and freezers. 

Larder beetles would infest larders to feast on butter, preserved meat covered in fat, milk, cheese, and even cooked meat. Despite larders going out of fashion in the United States, these pests are still problems throughout the country. 

From grocery stores to home pantries, larder beetles infest any area rich with food. While larder beetle infestations are more likely in Michigan grocery stores, they can still invade your kitchen for their next meal. 

Multicolored canned goods lined up in a row

Dried dog food, meat, and unsecured pantry items are larder beetle attractants. Leaving food items uncovered may bolster an existing infestation or even encourage the pests into your home. 

Besides food items, larder beetles also consume decaying organic matter. Homeowners may notice these beetles in their homes if small mammals like rodents or squirrels have died in or near their residences. 

Drugstore Beetles

Beetles in Michigan don’t have to be large to cause problems! Drugstore beetles measure around 2-3 mm in size, smaller than a grain of rice!

Like other pantry pests, drugstore beetles infest many stored food products like flour, grains, chocolate, and bread. As its name suggests, these pests are even problems for retail drugstores and feast on medication!

Don’t let their small size fool you. According to the University of Florida, drugstore beetles can bore through many materials to reach their desired meal, such as aluminum foil, lead, books, and wood.

While drugstore beetles can’t transmit dangerous diseases, they ruin any food products they infest. Toss away infested items or leave them in a freezer for a week to kill all insects. 

Other Beetles in Michigan

While Michigan has over 150 different species of beetles, not all of these bugs are considered pests! Many beetles are essential pollinators and food sources for insects, birds, and other small animals. 

Here are some other common beetles you may see outdoors in Michigan:

  • Stag beetles
  • Elm leaf beetles
  • Asian long-horned beetles
  • Emerald ash borer 
  • Giant diving beetles

When you have invasive beetles in your home, remove spilled food from your pantry or kitchen. Ensure your counters and floors are also mess-free to avoid encouraging pest infestations.

If you’re noticing bugs within your stored food, consider placing your meals in rigid plastic containers. Because some beetles can effortlessly bore through flimsy packaging, you’ll need a heavy-duty option to keep your food safe!

If you’re still struggling with Michigan beetles, contact a pest control professional for help! proof. pest control covers over 30 different pests, including beetles! Give us a call whenever you need help with pests in your home!

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