How To Get Rid of Spiders in Basement! 4 Tips for You!

By proof. Pest Control

What’s worse than a spider in your home? A spider infestation in your basement!

Many spider species prefer to rest in the dark, secluded areas rife with insects, making basements and garages the perfect place for growing spider infestations. 

Keep reading to find out how to get rid of spiders in basement areas! Plus, remember that you can always count on proof. to lend a hand with any challenging pest problem in your home!

How Spiders Come Indoors

Spiders can sneak inside like other common household pests. Whenever you have open holes or cracks on the exterior of your home, spiders slip through these spaces to reach the indoors. 

Many homeowners notice pest infestations in homes without proper sealants that keep insects and arachnids out. Gaps under your windows and doors can provide spiders room to climb through. 

Most spiders enter your home for shelter against harsh temperatures or weather conditions. During the fall and winter, you may notice more spiders in your home as they head toward temperature-controlled buildings. 

Spiders invade homes and commercial buildings if these spaces have ample insects. Infestations of common bugs like flies, ants, roaches, and fleas can encourage a secondary spider invasion. 

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Basement

Spiders aren’t a welcome houseguest anywhere in your home. While spiders in your basement may not seem like a significant problem, these pests can migrate upwards into the central portion of your home. 

Plus, no one wants creepy crawling pests hanging out under their feet!

Look at our favorite tips to remove spiders in your home!

Use Sticky Traps

Despite frequently frightening homeowners, spiders won’t typically make their presence known. Multiple pests could live in your home without you knowing. That’s enough to run a chill down your spine!

To catch multiple spiders at once, consider utilizing sticky traps. For hunting spiders like wolf spiders or tarantulas, glue traps can literally stop them in their tracks and keep them contained until you’re ready to toss them away!

These traps can even work on web-creating spiders like black widows, brown recluse spiders, and hobo spiders. Just place them in areas wherever you’ve noticed a few pests and return a few days later.

Remember that this may only partially eliminate all of the spiders in your basement. Some spiders are more reclusive than others and may not venture near your trap or away from their webs. 

If you’re still struggling with spiders after placing sticky traps, there are other methods you can try to eliminate spiders. 

Inspect for and Repair Cracks

Here’s how to get rid of spiders in basement crevices. When you have cracks leading to the outdoors, many pests will use this as an open invitation to invade your home! Common household pests hurry inside to feast on food items in your kitchen, and spiders may follow soon after. 

You can quickly repair small cracks on your home’s exterior with caulk, stucco, or plaster. More extensive damages require additional work and care. 

Before you embark on any DIY home repair projects, consult with a home repair person to avoid sealing up any necessary spaces in your home. Look at this guide to learn more about exterior home repair options

Fix gaps in your doors and windows with sealant, adhesive strips, or door sweeps. These products can keep the bugs at bay and even protect your wallet! With proper insulation, cold and warm air won’t exit your home, saving you money on your next electric bill.

Use Smells Spiders Hate!

Here’s another great tip on how to get rid of spiders in basement rooms! Like most pests, spiders will shy away from inhospitable areas. Certain plants, chemicals, and smells could help prevent spiders.

Citrus aromas help repel spiders and could convince them to set up shop elsewhere. If you have spiders in your basement, try spritzing some fruity scents or using citrus-scented cleaning supplies to tidy up. 

Other essential oils may also turn spiders away. Due to its strong scent, peppermint oil is a popular pick for many DIY pest control sprays.

Use products containing peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in your basement. You can also create your own pest control products by adding a few drops of essential oils into a water-filled spray bottle.

Spiders aren’t a fan of vinegar, either. While the liquid has a pungent smell, you can use this product diluted with water as a spider repellent. Fill half a spray bottle with water, and pour in your vinegar. Check out this article here to learn more!

Apply your mixture near cabinets, counters, closets, old storage boxes, and secluded corners to keep spiders away from your main basement area. 

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Basement? Eliminate Larger Pest Problems!

While these pests are common, spiders primarily infest your home in search of a quick meal. If you have an abundance of bugs living indoors, spiders won’t have a reason to leave! Removing other pest infestations is how to eliminate spiders in basement spaces quickly. 

Depending on the infestation, you can use many tips and tricks to remove stubborn insects from your home. However, cleaning up around your house is one guaranteed way to reduce the number of pests you see. 

Like spiders, insects infest homes for food and shelter from inhospitable conditions. Homes with plenty of available food are hotspots for pesky insects like flies, roaches, and ants.

After cooking, clean up spills on your counters, floors, and appliances. Wipe crumbs off your countertops and sweep your floor to catch any missing messes. If you have a stocked pantry, ensure everything is securely locked away in tamperproof containers. 

Don’t forget about your trash, either! Many insects will crawl into your trashcans looking for last night’s leftovers. These pests aren’t picky when it comes to their next meal! Regularly take out the trash and never let it sit in your home for multiple days. 

If you have a leaky drain or other water damage in your basement, swiftly repair these areas to avoid further infestations. Many insects that spiders eat flock to moisture-rich areas, making your basement a hotspot for pests.

Are you still having trouble curbing the pests in your home? Still, wondering how to get rid of spiders in basement places? Contact proof. pest control! Give us a call today! We can eliminate stubborn spiders and remove unsightly cobwebs in your basement or home.

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