yellow jackets already buzzing around

By proof. Pest Control

I’m sure you’ve noticed them. Buzzing around a garbage can near your local baseball park, or the closest filling station. Man, yellow jackets do love garbage! And they love garbage because of all the sugar they find there.

How many times during the summer are you worried about yellow jackets getting into your Coca-Cola can while you are just trying to relax by the pool and finish your hot dog?

Some may call these pests bees since they are about the same size as a bee; however, yellow jackets are not bees, they are wasps. Like bees, hornets, mud daubers, and paper wasps, yellow-jackets do sting, so watch out!

When these wasps get inside homes, they seem to loose a bit of their fun colors; yellow jackets are much more fun to look at in their natural environment.

However, most people encounter yellow jackets on the outside. Many people get stung when they are mowing their lawn, or planting flowers. Yellow jackets may find existing holes around your home that they will call their home, or they will nest in the ground.

Paper wasps are different. Their nests are usually tucked underneath your eave or overhang around your house. When you see a small, honeycomb-looking thing hanging on your widow sill, or at the pinnacle of your homes roof juncture, that is the nest of a paper wasp and wasp nest removal would need to be implemented.

how to identify a yellow jacket nest

If you or someone you love has been recently stung by what seems to be a yellow jacket, it may be a good idea (sarcasm) to locate the yellow jacket wasp nest.

Before you can kill the wasp nest, you must know where it is, right (again sarcasm)! Make sure to inspect during the daytime, when the yellow jackets are most active. This way you can see them going in and out of their nest. Look in all your mulch and grass areas. In order to implement correct wasp control, patience is important because it may take some time to locate their nest.

get rid of wasps

Location of the nest should be done during the day, but treatment of the yellow jacket nest should be done at night, when the wasps are all nice and snug in their (death) beds.

When it’s dark, yellow jackets have a hard time seeing and this will greatly reduce your chances of getting stung. If you are allergic to stings, please don’t hesitate to call your local home pest control company or your in-laws (kidding).

  • Dust insecticides work well on yellow jackets because as each wasp goes in and out of the nest, they contract the poison.
  • Sprays can also work, but not nearly as good as dusts.
This summer, be on the lookout, the “black and yellow” might be right under your nose, literally!



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