why commercial pest control is so important this winter

By proof. Pest Control
It’s an unfortunate truth, but the global coronavirus pandemic is still very much a fact of life this winter, and will continue to impact the day-to-day reality of people across the U.S. throughout the upcoming spring and, in all likelihood, summer. While no Americans have gone unaffected by the spread of COVID-19, business-owners have been particularly devastated by the economic devastation the pandemic has wrought. That’s why if you are a business-owner, it’s extremely important to pay attention to whether there are any pests on your property. Take it from our professionals at proof. pest control, now is the time to take necessary actions to protect your facility and stay profitable in 2021. Keep reading to learn why commercial pest control is so important this winter, and remember that our commercial pest control experts are always here for you.

the ways an infestation may affect your business this winter

  • Financial Issues: To state the obvious, you cannot stay in business if you do not stay profitable. Pest infestations are in direct opposition to this goal. Consider that termite infestations alone cost American businesses $5 billion in lost revenue every year. However, in the winter of 2020, pests pose a bigger financial risk to your property than ever. Even if you are forced to shutter your doors, rodents and other insects may still seek food and shelter inside your business during the upcoming months. The last thing you want to do is open back up in 2021, only to find your property has been damaged by pests. Remember, the cost of cleaning up urine and feces from rats and mice alone is significant—and this is in addition to any financial loss you may suffer due to slowed operation. Take necessary action now, and make sure you don’t have to deal with holes in the walls or floors, gnawed electrical wires, and any other types of property damage that will cost a lot of money and prevent your business from getting back to normal next year.
  • Suffering Reputation: Almost all businesses, especially those in the service industry, like restaurants, live and die based on reputation. And in the age of Yelp, it only takes a single cockroach sighting for your business’s reputation to go down in flames. And with the loss of revenue you may have already experienced in 2020, it is important you do everything you can to ensure your business’s reputation does not suffer when things start to return to normal in 2021. Call proof. pest control to deal with any pest problems your property has now, and you will be able to regain the trust of customers as soon as your doors reopen next year.
  • Health Problems: Pests can carry a variety of harmful diseases and bacteria, including salmonella and hantavirus. In an age where we are already so concerned about viruses and pathogens, we guarantee that your customers/clients will not want to have to worry about getting sick just from stepping on your property. That’s why it is essential to keep up with regular pest control, and ensure your business continues to be a safe, healthy environment when you can return to regular operation next year. From bed bugs that bite customers in hotels to venom-carrying spider hiding out in your office basement, health problems can directly lead to a business to losing revenue or reputation. Moreover, you, as a business-owner, have a moral obligation to protect your customers and employees. Don’t neglect pest control this winter, and let proof. pest control help keep your commercial property stay safe year-round.

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