how to protect your car wiring from rodents

By proof. Pest Control
Well, it’s official; in addition to being one of the worst pests you have to deal with in your home, rodents will try to destroy your car as well.

This problem has always existed, but with the pandemic closing restaurants and taking away rats’ food/shelter sources in urban areas, it’s only been exacerbated, as many rodents have started exhibiting increasingly aggressive behavior and flooding residential neighborhoods in large numbers. While rats are the most concerning species of rodents that may try to take up residence in your car, mice may be attracted to your vehicle too, and even squirrels and chipmunks may occasionally decide to build a nest under your hood.

Why do rodents like to make their home in cars and chew through wiring? It’s not because car wiring tastes good to them. Rodents are attracted to cars because the engine compartment gives off warmth, in addition to being a safe, secluded place to hide out. And as for engine wiring, the simple explanation is that rodents never stop gnawing. Rats and mice are always looking for a convenient way to keep their teeth sharp, and if your car wiring is the closest available thing to chew through, you can bet they’ll sharpen away. That’s why rodents will chew through wiring in your home too, in addition to gnawing on your wood and insulation.

On top of the existing hazards associated with rodents, i.e. the way they spread diseases, a rodent nest in your car poses a variety of other dangers, too. Some mice and rats can squeeze their bodies into holes not much larger than the size of a penny, and when they bury their way into a vehicle, the leaves and other materials they use can become a fire hazard. And of course, anytime your car wiring is damaged, you run the risk of experiencing engine problems and other mechanical issues while you are driving.

the best ways to prevent rodents from damaging your car

Knowing how to protect your car from rodents is extremely important for those living in suburban and urban areas these days—especially if your car tends to stay parked for long periods of time. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent rodents from making a nest in your car and chewing through your wiring.

To prevent rodents from damaging your car, you should:

  • Park it in a garage whenever possible.
  • Check and seal entry points, including thresholds, the tops of doors (especially if they are damaged,) utility pipes, and dryer vent hoses.
  • Put rodent traps with food around your car and see if you catch anything.

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