Keep Pests From Impacting Indoor Air Quality

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According to the EPA, indoor air pollution may not be an even greater risk to our health than pollution outdoors. From dust and pet dander to mold spores and bacteria to smoke and fumes, the average American household is filled with things that can affect our air quality, and in turn, our overall health.

However, one contributor to indoor air pollution you may not be familiar with is pests. This usually happens through insects and rodents bringing in allergens from outside and spreading them around your home—not entirely unlike the way your pets bring in allergens and contaminants from the outside. However, it’s also important to consider that pests bring in unique bacteria with them that may affect your air quality as well. Then there are the pests that act as pollutants themselves. No insect is a bigger culprit of this than the cockroach, whose bodies, shells, droppings, and saliva can all act as severe allergy and asthma triggers. Even dead roaches can cause an allergic reaction, so it is important not just to get rid of these pests once they have appeared on your property, but to find ways to keep them out for good. Keep reading to learn how to keep pests from interfering with your indoor air quality, and remember that our experts at proof. pest control are here for all your residential pest control needs.

5 tips to stop pests from affecting air quality

  1. Seal Off Cracks & Entry Points: As we’ve talked about on our blog before, one of the best ways to stop a pest infestation is simply to keep them out in the first place. Look for entry points around your home that you can seal off, including various cracks and holes in places like your foundation and attic. You should also weather-strip your windows and doors, and make sure all exterior doors have proper door sweeps installed.
  2. Store Food Properly: One of the biggest things that attract pests to your property is excess food and crumbs lying around. From roaches to ants, an almost surefire way to get pests to flock to your kitchen is leaving out leftovers and letting dishes pipe up in the sink. That’s why you should always store food promptly and properly, putting it in sealed airtight containers where pests can’t get to it. You should also throw away expired food quickly, use clips and ties to close up snack bags in your cupboard, and don’t leave fruits and vegetables lying out, opting instead to store them in the fridge.
  3. Keep Your Yard Trimmed: Another thing that commonly attracts pests to your property is overgrown vegetation in your yard. Always keep plants trimmed, and make sure there is at least six feet between bushes and shrubs around your house. You should also trim tree branches that hang over your property, as this can be an invitation for rodents and insects to make their way onto your roof and into your attic. And when you are gardening, look out for little insects that may want to hitch a ride inside with you.
  4. Don’t Let Trash Get Out of Control: If you like to let your trash pile up sky high before taking it out, you should definitely reconsider this habit. A bunch of trash is just another thing that’s going to draw in rodents, ants, and roaches. And even outside, if you have let your trash area get out of control, you should consider trying to tidy it up, as you could be attracting raccoons and other wildlife. Your trash cans should also be placed in an area that’s not too close to your house, since it’s easy for pests to make their way from the trash can into your home if they have already started feasting on your garbage. And when it comes to storing your trash, make sure everything is going in a container with a tight seal, so odors are less likely to draw in pests.
  5. Practice Regular Cleaning and Sanitation: The final and best way to ensure that pests do not come onto your property and start interfering with your indoor air quality is simply to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible. Cleaning up spills and reducing moisture in your bathroom and kitchen will not only keep bugs away, it will reduce mold and mildew growth—another major trigger for allergy and respiratory issues. Vacuuming helps pick up crumbs and debris and also gets rid of dust that may be attracting pests and interfering with your indoor air quality. And of course, you should wipe done surfaces often, so everything is clean, fresh, and there are fewer factors that attract pests and interfere with your indoor air.

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