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Pest control can be complicated, as our experts at proof. pest control know firsthand. We understand that no matter what service you are getting you are likely to have questions. That’s why our residential pest control team is always here with answers to your top pest control FAQs. Keep reading for what you need to know, and never contact proof. for a free estimate on professional pest control service.

the most common pest control faqs

  1. Is Spraying Safe? In the past, there has been a lot of concern about the toxic chemicals pest control companies spray during the extermination process. But while this is a legitimate concern, you can rest assured that proof. pest control will never use anything but the safe, industry-leading compounds when it comes time to spray your property. Moreover, we will make sure that there is no risk to your children, pets, or anyone else in your family by exclusively focusing on affected areas and working to provide concentrated service.
  2. When is the Best Time to Spray My Home? If you are going to spray your home to kill insects, now is probably the best time. Most spray treatments are done in early to late spring, which is when many pests start to come out of hibernation. This also helps to eliminate nests or colonies before they can arrive at full maturity. Beyond that, depending on the severity of your problem and what pests you are trying to get rid of, it may be necessary to spray on a quarterly or less frequent basis.
  3. How Long After Treatment Will I See Results? While the timeline may vary depending on the nature of your pest problem and treatment options, you should see rapid results following your pest control appointment. This may vary if you are dealing with a severe infestation, or if you decide to opt for seasonal service, but in general, our experts at proof. will do everything we can to get your home back up and running again ASAP.
  4. Is Baiting a Better Choice Than Spraying? The answer to this question is complicated. Spraying may be necessary in some cases to deal with a larger pest problem. For instance, while baiting is an option for some termite infestations, in other cases, termite control may require more extensive tenting and fumigation. However, in other cases, baiting may present several advantages over spraying. Consider that spraying only works as a direct application, but baiting involves taking poison back to nests and then spreading it—so it kills pests you see and pests you don’t. Ants, for example, will bring bait back to their nests/colonies, meaning in the case of an ant problem, baiting may have a better option of getting the job done right.
  5. How Can I Prevent Infestations from Reoccurring in the Future? We talk a lot on our blog about how you can prevent most pest problems by simply sealing cracks and holes around your property as much as possible, in addition to practicing proper cleaning and sanitation. Never leave food out for long, always take out the trash promptly, remember to wipe down surfaces/vacuum floors frequently, and clean up spills and excess water ASAP. Beyond that, the best way to keep pests away is to have our professionals at proof. come out to your home on a seasonal basis. By having our technicians inspect for pests early and often, we can mitigate the severity of infestations, and practice exclusion techniques to keep pests away from your property all year-round.

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