Boric Acid for Termites: Our DIY Pest Advice!

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Termites are highly destructive insects that could inhabit your home. Drywood and subterranean termites are significant problems within many of proof.’s service areas. 

Whenever you have a termite infestation, you’ll want to act quickly to reduce the amount of damage to your home. Many homeowners utilize at-home pest control alternatives, but do any popular solutions work for these destructive pests?

Keep reading to learn if boric acid for termites is a good pest control solution! Plus, whenever you have problems with termites, you can give us a call!

What is Boric Acid?

Despite the name, boric acid typically comes in a fine powder resembling salt. Boric acid occurs in rocks, plants, water, and minerals near volcanic sites. 

Take a look at this video to learn more about boric acid.

This powder is often integrated into health supplements and used for medicinal purposes. 

Many industrial fields also utilize boric acid for fiberglass, jewelry, and other novelty toy products. Boric acid is also highly effective for pest control.

From cockroaches to ants, boric acid can eliminate challenging insect infestations. However, because boric acid is harmful to pets, it’s also dangerous for humans. Skin contact with pure boric acid is relatively safe, but limit your exposure to unaltered chemicals. 

Can you Use DIY Solutions for Termites?

Termites are difficult invaders to remove. Unless you see physical signs of pests inside or outside your home, it’s challenging to know when you have an infestation indoors. 

DIY tricks like borax, alcohol, or vinegar may cure typical pest infestations, but termites are challenging to curtail alone. Contact a professional pest control company like proof. to lend a hand!

Boric Acid for Termites

You’ll need to act quickly to eliminate potential damage whenever you have pests on your property. Each year in the United States alone, termites can cause billions of dollars in destruction!

Termites work by burrowing into your walls or other wooden structures. Because termites primarily consume wood, they’ll continually comb through your home in search of more wood to eat! 

Termite droppings, mud tubes, or discarded wings from flying reproductive pests are often the only sign of termites you may encounter. Because of their reclusive nature inside your walls, it’s difficult to catch these pests before they cause much damage. 

Boric acid for termites may work, but you must consider the size of your infestation before solely trying DIY alternatives. Larger nests in your yard or walls will need significant pest control intervention!

Many existing pesticides already contain boric acid, so an at-home solution should work well. As a toxin, boric acid can eliminate termites like other insects and pests. 

Termites won’t eat the boric acid on their own and may not consume any wood saturated in the powder. However, as the insects walk through the powder, the tiny granules will stick to their bodies and slowly destroy their exoskeletons.  

As the termites track the poison back to the larger colony, the power will destroy the other pests in your home. 

Boric Acid Sprays

To make an impact on the insects, consider making a spray to stop the termites in their tracks. Some boric acid sprays exist already, but try our easy tips to make your DIY treatments. 

In a spray bottle, combine one teaspoon of boric acid powder with a cup of water, and mix it well. It’s as easy as that!

Depending on the type of infestation in your home, you have different options for boric acid applications. Subterranean termites have large nests deep within your yard and create small mud tubes to reach your home. 

If you spot these tubes climbing up the side of your house, consider saturating them and the termite hole entrances with your boric acid mixture. 

Remember that spraying boric acid for termites can work, but it may also kill the grass around your yard or even impact other insect species. 

Drywood Termites and Boric Acid

Drywood termites are a species that primarily live inside your home. Instead of creating separate outdoor colonies, drywood termites make their home within your walls, eating away at your foundation daily!

You’ll have more difficulty finding these pests without breaking down your walls or knowing their location. Because you won’t typically interact with the termites, it’s hard to use the spray directly on the insects or on the paths they may walk. 

You could use a boric acid powder inside the holes left by termites. Simply blow or puff the powder inside your home’s interior or spread it outside your home’s exterior. 

Effectiveness of Boric Acid for Termites

Unless you have a clear view of the termite’s colony or know its exact location, these methods may not eliminate all of the pests in your home. You should always consult a pest control specialist when dealing with highly destructive insects like termites. 

Boric acid can quickly eliminate most insects around your home, so always consider this method whenever you’re interested in DIY pest control treatments. However, professional help is often required to maintain your home’s integrity. 

Whenever you want complete control over a termite invasion, consider calling a reputable pest control company for help! Here at proof., our trained technicians can find the source of a termite colony and devise a specialized plan for your home. 

No more dealing with pesky termites when you work with us! Contact us today for a FREE termite inspection and annual home inspections!

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