Using a Wasp Bomb? Risks You Should Know About

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Outdoors, wasps build nests along roof eaves, under porches, in trees and logs, and underground. 

What should you do about wasps once they build in your garage, attic, or home?

Keep reading to learn more about the best treatment for indoor wasp nests and if a wasp bomb is the best option for you.

Why are Wasps Inside my House?

While typically found outdoors, wasps can choose indoor covered spaces to build their abodes. It’s unlikely you’ll discover yellowjackets flocking to your attic, but other species could decide to craft their nests in your home. 

But why do these pests come indoors instead of staying outside?

If a previously hibernating or overwintering queen established her dwelling inside your house, a fully-fledged wasp nest could develop and flourish in the spring and summer. You may not even know about the growing hive until you see wasps flying overhead. 

Wasps can sneak indoors through small cracks and crevices on the side of your home. Because most wasps prefer to build in tall locations, you could discover a wasp infestation along your roof eaves or inside your attic. 

Homes with significant insect infestations may entice the pests to stick around inside. While wasps typically flock to pollen and other sweet secretions to keep them satisfied, the colony’s young rely on other insects like spiders, aphids, or bees to stay alive. 

Easy access to plants outside and a steady supply of food indoors could encourage queen wasps to establish a long-standing colony in attics, crawlspaces, garages, or upstairs rooms. 

Eliminating Wasps with Wasp Bombs

Insect foggers quickly release an influx of misty products out into the air. As they settle onto open surfaces, furniture, and your floors, the pesticide will eliminate insects out in the open and any that travel through the product. 

Because the mist spreads out within a room, it ideally should eliminate large insect infestations terrorizing your home. 

When you have a pest problem indoors, a wasp bomb seems like the perfect solution. Who wouldn’t want an easy fix? However, these products may have drawbacks.

We urge you to follow all labeled instructions when trying insect fogging devices. Because of the potential health risks involved with these products, the correct usage is key to keeping you and your family safe. 

Never remain in your home while using these products, even if the affected room isn’t nearby other commonly used areas. Frequently breathing in the strong fumes can have adverse effects on your health. 

Wear a mask when first using the bug bomb, and swiftly leave once the mist begins to exit the canister. Ensure you don’t leave pets inside your home while the product works. They could become severely ill with prolonged exposure. 

After the product finishes, open the windows and air out the space, but don’t linger. Even though the product has finished spraying, you shouldn’t stay home until all the chemicals have safely dissipated. 

While their ease of use may appeal to you, keep in mind that bug bombs have a few drawbacks. 

Some foggers claim not to leave behind a mess, but you should still clean up counters, carpeting, furniture, or boxes afterward. This misty product can rest on any uncovered surface and leave residue behind. 

Plus, insect foggers won’t permanently eliminate hidden insects hiding in unseen cracks and crevices. Because wasps tend to stay in their hives when not foraging, you may not impact the larger population of pests using a wasp bomb. 

To eliminate an indoor wasp infestation, you should rely on a quality pest control provider to remove the nest.

The Dangers of Insect Foggers 

Besides their general ineffectiveness for large infestations, bug bombs aren’t safe when misused. 

You could become seriously ill if you stay indoors while using the product. Many chemicals dispersed at one time will irritate your lungs and could lead to breathing difficulties, nausea, or fainting. 

The use of multiple fogging devices could further impact your health and take longer to disperse. Always apply the products according to labeled instructions, and never use more than one unless required.

Pest and wasp bombs are also fire hazards, especially when using more than one. The chemicals can interact with an open flame on a stove, heater, or candle to cause a fire or explosion. 

Plus, these products can negatively interact with many electronic devices or appliances. The mist can create a spark after settling onto the wires or segments of a refrigerator or television, inducing a fire. 

If you choose to use these pest control alternatives, carefully consider the risks and closely follow the instructions. Inaccurate use of fogging devices could make you ill or result in home damage.

For a comprehensive pest control option, consider contacting a pest control company to eliminate the problem in your home. Wasp hives are difficult to remove, and these products may not make a dent in a large nest. 

Unless wasps are actively swarming their indoor hive, the mist won’t significantly impact the insects tucked inside the paper cells of their nest. Choose a pest control alternative that effectively stops the wasps in their tracks. 

Indoor Wasp Pest Control Options

When wasps invade your home, you’ll want to remove these dangerous pests and keep your family safe. Here at proof., we know how much you value your home, and we want to help maintain your property. 

Unlike outdoor nests, hives in your home are tricky to handle. Wasps could infest or swarm other rooms when disturbed. If not entirely removed, the wasps may build again.

Check out this video of a massive wasp nest indoors! Unless dealt with properly, the wasps in your home could similarly swarm.

We don’t recommend trying DIY pest control options when dealing with a severe infestation inside. Wasps are notoriously aggressive and could harm your family when irritated or threatened. 

Instead, trust proof. pest control to resolve tricky insect issues. Leave all the hard work to us! Our highly trained technicians can quickly eliminate wasp infestations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment. 

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