Got Wolf Spiders in Arizona? 3 Tips to Help!

By proofPest

What’s that giant spider crawling around your Arizona home?

While not as large as the Arizona blonde tarantula or the giant crab spider, wolf spiders are frightening in their own right! No one wants creepy crawlers patrolling the halls of their homes! 

Keep reading to learn more about wolf spiders in Arizona and what you can do to eliminate these pests!

Why Do I Have Wolf Spiders?

Like other spider species, wolf spiders enter homes for shelter and food. When the weather outdoors isn’t favorable, spiders flock inside homes and commercial buildings for safety.

Typically, homeowners spot spiders whenever the temperatures drop low in the late fall and early winter. However, the adverse is true too! If it’s too hot outside, spiders could enter homes in search of crisp air conditioning.

Because of Arizona’s warm to hot year-round climate, wolf spiders could venture indoors to beat the heat. Hey, we all have to get cool somehow!


During the chilly desert nights, spiders could also sneak inside if the temperature outside is too nippy. Wolf spiders can be a near-constant problem for many residents of the Grand Canyon state. 

Wolf spiders may also infest indoor areas in search of food. The state’s hot to mild temperatures mean pests are a problem throughout the year. 

Here are some common household pests that wolf spiders regularly eat:

  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Cockroaches
  • Other spiders

Many of these pests head indoors for the same reasons. If the outside temperatures are too hot to survive, you may have a few houseguests waiting at your door to escape the intense sun and heat. 

Ants, flies, and cockroaches are common kitchen and bathroom nuisances. If you have cracks or damages, these pests (and spiders!) will file indoors to grab a bite out of your trash, unswept crumbs, or excess spills. 

Eliminating Wolf Spiders in Arizona

While typically non-threatening, wolf spiders are still problems in many Arizona homes. Unlike other house spiders, wolf spiders don’t create webs and instead hunt on foot for whatever they intend to consume. 

Check out these tips to eliminate any wolf spiders that sneak in throughout the year!

Remedy the Existing Pest Problem

Removing a wolf spider’s food source is a great way to eliminate the problem. Without anything to eat, the pests will either die or leave for a new place with significantly more resources. 

But how can you counter two pest problems at once? Don’t worry! We want to help you out!

Before you try any pest control solution, start by cleaning up around your home. Insects and other pests primarily infest your home if there’s enough food to survive, so take their next meal away!

It’s easy to forget a few crumbs or a dried spill, but these pests won’t! Ants and cockroaches will file inside to take care of the leftover food you’ve left behind.

Sweep up your floors and dispose of any crumbs or food. Wipe off your counters with a warm, wet washcloth and then follow up with a disinfectant solution. You can use your favorite kitchen cleaner or use a homemade vinegar spray!

Don’t forget about your stove too! Many crumbs can fall between the cracks on your stovetop. If you have detachable stove eyes, remove them and wipe up any mess left after cooking. 

After you’ve cleaned up in your kitchen and around your home, it’s time to address the pest problem. For wolf spiders in Arizona, eliminating pests is one of the best ways to curtail your spider issues. 

From baits to sticky traps to pesticide sprays, the options for pest control methods are endless. Baits and powders work well for many insects and can help eliminate the larger colony in your home or nearby.

If you’re overwhelmed by choosing the best pest control method, contact us here at proof.! We cover over 30 types of pests and can eliminate pesky insects in your home.

Use Sticky Traps

Wolf spiders prefer to hunt for their next meal instead of staying on the web. Thankfully, that makes them even easier to catch.

Place your sticky traps wherever you’ve spotted wolf spiders, in your basement, garage, kitchen, and bathroom. You can add a few drops of spider bait to the glue trap to entice them to run over. 

All you have to do is leave the traps wherever spiders are abundant and leave them alone. You should notice a decrease in pests after a few weeks. After a few days, you can return to the traps and dispose of them in the trash.

Use Essential Oils to Combat Wolf Spiders in Arizona

What’s better than a sweet scent? Anything else, according to spiders!

Peppermint oil is a popular pick to eliminate many pests in your home. It will work against wolf spiders in Arizona too! Like other pests, spiders tend to stray away from overpowering scents and head elsewhere.

To disperse the essential oils throughout your home, we suggest using a hands-on method, so your oil diffuser may not work in this instance. 

Instead, grab a few cotton balls and pour essential oils over them. To thoroughly saturate your cotton balls, you can soak the product in whatever essential oil you choose for this pest control method. 

Place the cotton balls in corners, on cabinets, around your floorboards, and in other spider hotspots. The wolf spiders may avoid any area saturated with the peppermint scent. 

You can also create an essential oil spray to cover more areas in your home. Simply fill up a spray bottle with water and add essential oils to the water. We suggest using around ten or more drops to make a difference with the pests. 

However, be wary about using this method if you have any furry friends. Some essential oils are dangerous for cats and dogs to consume. Avoid spraying or using these products in spaces your pets can access. 

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