Spiders in Nevada: 5 Species to Watch For

By proofPest

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Nevada’s iconic attractions lies a web of secret pests– spiders! These agile predators and skilled silk spinners thrive amid the sagebrush, dunes, and even in your home!


There are many kinds of spiders in Nevada, some venomous and others just simple annoyances. Keep reading to learn more about the types of pests throughout the state. Plus, if you live in the Reno area, proof. can even stop by and eliminate these eight-legged pests for you!

Brown Recluse Spiders in Nevada 

Let’s chat about the elusive brown recluse spiders (Loxosceles reclusa), a venomous bunch usually located in parts of the U.S. where Midwest charm meets Southern hospitality. But here’s the scoop – you won’t often find these pests around Nevada. 

A brown recluse spider with a violin shape on it's back, one of the spiders in Nevada


Why? Because the Nevada scene isn’t quite their jam!


Now, considering the situation in Nevada, brown recluse spiders aren’t eager to set up camp in the desert. The dry landscape doesn’t align with their survival tactics. While there might be occasional brown recluse sightings due to travel or shipping, a thriving population of these spiders in Nevada is highly unlikely.


Brown recluse spiders are known for their unique violin-shaped mark on the front end, displaying shades ranging from light to medium brown and featuring relatively small bodies.


Contrary to their reputation, these creatures are more timid than terrifying. They aren’t aggressive and will only bite when threatened or cornered. The name “recluses” aptly describes their behavior – they tend to be introverted. These spiders prefer quiet, dimly lit environments such as closets, attics, and crawl spaces.


Should you happen to come across a brown recluse spider in Nevada, it’s best to remain composed and provide them with space. 


Attempting to handle them is not advisable. If a brown recluse bites you, make sure to seek medical attention. While shy, these spiders have a nasty bite that can leave a big mark!

Black Widow Spiders in Nevada 

Meet the stealthy residents of the arachnid world: black widow spiders (Latrodectus spp.). 

Black widow spider on a web


You can spot these red and black arachnids in various nooks around the US, including Reno and other neighboring regions in Nevada. 


These spiders have a penchant for shadowy locals, favoring spots where they can weave intricate but untamed webs. Open-air hideouts include woodpiles, sheds, garages, and secret havens beneath roof eaves. They adopt a similar attitude, cozying up in basements, crawl spaces, and other solitary enclaves.


Black widow spider bites are rare, but these pests won’t hesitate to strike when provoked. If bitten, expect localized pain, muscle cramps, a mild fever, and nausea. Young children, older adults, or those with a weakened immune system may experience extreme symptoms, so always visit a doctor if bitten!


Take care when peaking in dark and dusty places outdoors, and keep your eyes peeled for creepy crawlers hiding in long-forgotten storage bins. Plus, don’t forget that the experts here at proof. Pest Control are just a call away if you have a serious infestation!

Wolf Spiders in Nevada

Let’s shift our focus to wolf spiders– eight-legged adventurers that might just pop up in your Nevada neighborhood. These spiders belong to the Lycosidae family and have a distinctive trait; they don’t build webs to catch their prey as most of their arachnid buddies do.

Wolf spider on a white walls

They present a compelling package with their robust bodies, agile legs, and adept hunting abilities. Plus, with their top-tier eyesight, they can identify and pursue their meals with remarkable accuracy.


In Nevada, you might stumble upon these adventurous arachnids in various locations. They frequent grassy areas and gardens, hide under rocks, and occasionally find their way indoors. While not frequent home visitors, they may sneak inside for food. 


Unlike other spider species, wolf spiders don’t construct stationary webs and await prey to become ensnared. They follow a more dynamic approach, reminiscent of action protagonists in the spider world – actively chasing down their sustenance.



Despite their somewhat imposing appearance, wolf spiders don’t typically pose a threat to humans. While their bites can lead to localized discomfort, there’s no need to fear a real-life spider horror scene. 


Just be sure to steer clear of these mighty arachnids and contact us to send these spiders packing. 

Orb Weaving Spiders in Nevada 

Orb-weaving spiders of the Araneidae family are the unsung architects of Nevada’s ecosystems. They create intricate, circular webs to catch wandering prey indoors and outdoors.

Multi-colored orb weaving spider

Nevada has more than one orb-weaving species within its borders. Here’s a list of orb weaving spiders you may see around your property. 


  1. Garden Orb-weavers (Genus Araneidae): These versatile spinners are true masters of adaptation. They diligently weave their webs in gardens, urban areas, and the wilderness, efficiently trapping unsuspecting insects.


  1. Cross Orb-weavers (Araneidae diadematus): Named after the hallmark cross pattern on their abdomens, these spiders are skilled web engineers. They strategically position their intricate webs amidst the foliage, patiently waiting for insects to trap them.


  1. Shamrock Orb-weavers (Araneidae trifolium): These spiders in Nevada are true ground artists who a three-leaf clover mark on their abdoments. Their low-hanging webs serve as an ingenious trap for insects traversing their path.


  1. Spined Micrathena (Micrathena gracilis): With their unique spine-adorned midriffs, these spiders don’t just create webs – they craft intricate designs that mesmerize and trap their prey.


  1. Marbled Orb-weavers (Araneidae marmoreus): The marbled appearance of these orb-weaving specialists adds an artistic touch to Nevada’s natural tapestry. They can be found in the heart of forests and thriving gardens, weaving intricate snares.


While none of these species can cause you harm, we still recommend keeping clear of these weaving masters. Let the professionals take control of any wayward pests that make themselves at home. 

Sac Spiders in Nevada

Sac spiders, scientifically known as Clubionidae, are known for their unique hunting and nesting behaviors.

Yellow sac spider, one of the spiders in Nevada

In Nevada, you might come across a few different types of sac spiders:


  1. Yellow Sac Spider (Cheiracanthium spp.): These spiders are adaptable and can be found in various habitats, including grassy areas, shrubs, and even indoors. They create silken retreats, often resembling sacs, hence their name. Although they’re not aggressive, they might bite if threatened or cornered.


  1. Serrated Grass Sac Spider (Trachelas tranquillus): These stealthy hunters are commonly located in grassy and vegetated areas. Their ability to blend in with their surroundings makes them hard to spot, so keep an eye out for them!


  1. Whitebanded Sac Spider (Carparachne aureoflava): These tiny yet intriguing spiders construct silken retreats that provide shelter while they await unsuspecting prey.


Sac spiders typically build small silken retreats in vegetation or crevices but prefer to venture out from their retreats at night to search for insects, using their silk threads to ambush their prey. While they may enter homes searching for food, they are generally not aggressive toward humans unless provoked.


It’s worth noting that while some sac spiders have venom capable of causing mild irritation or discomfort, their bites are not usually considered dangerous to humans. If you encounter sac spiders in your home or garden in Nevada, it’s best to observe from a distance and avoid disturbing their retreats. 

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