why winter pest control service is needed in michigan

By proofPest
It’s winter in Michigan, the temperatures are dropping, and all of the bugs and pests are dying due to the cold, right?


Pest control should still be a concern for all Michigan homeowners in the winter months, as well as the warmer months. Let me explain why.

Cockroachbugs just don’t die off

You might not see quite as many pests flying or crawling around your home in the winter months, but they’re still nearby. Even if you don’t see them actively exploring your home, they are likely hibernating. It might be cold outside, but bugs are more than cozy in your 70° home, and even the wall and attic spaces aren’t cold enough to kill off most pests.

In the winter months, bugs slow down their normal reproduction cycles, but as soon as spring arrives, BOOM! Their numbers multiply again, and the infestation race is back on, full force! Rather than letting this happen, we suggest you attack those pesky sleepers before they’re at full speed again.

Small mouserodents are even more active

Mice, rats, and other rodents want into your home even more during the winter months.

If you don’t properly seal off all entry points into your home, these pests will find their way in and set up residence. If they get in, it can be hard to find their hiding places in all of the nooks and crannies in your house. Let our experienced technicians effectively search them out and exterminate them for good!

spiders stick around too

Just like with other bugs and pests, the winter temperatures in your home typically won’t kill off spiders either. They will find good places to hide out for the winter as well. It’s not just the spiders themselves that you need to worry about, but you should also remove spider webs and their egg cases.

Let us do a search of your home and get rid of any spiders and their remnants, and we can also remove other bug nests along the way too. This is important to do before spring hits and eggs hatch or old nests are put to use again.

a nice warm home…for pests

You want your home to be a warm, cozy sanctuary for you and your family. Make sure you’re not also extending that offer to unwanted bugs and rodents!

Treat all entry points like windows, doors, weep holes, or other ventilation so you can keep those pests out. It’s important to take these precautions at all times of the year, for all seasons, so you can always be on guard against these intruders.

As you snuggle up with your favorite blanket by the fire this winter, remember that invasive pests want to warm up too! It’s important to perform a comprehensive winter pest control treatment to ensure your home is protected all year long.

here are some happy experiences from two of our valued pest control customers:

“New to the area and wanted to make sure everything was good to go before the woodland creatures start looking for a winter home.  Called Proof based on other reviews and they didn’t disappoint. They fit me in right away and Jonathan (technician) was terrific.  He explained what he was going to do in advance and took the time to thoroughly inspect and treat our home.  Afterward he came in and gave me a report on what he found and did.  He was terrific.  And the organic treatment left my home smelling like a spa. What a great company.”

Paulina M. – Novi

“The technician arrived very punctually and was very professional. He answered all of my questions and was not condescending or disrespectful in any way. He communicated well addressing all of my concerns and took care of business promptly and effectively. He climbed in the attic (it is very small) and identified the locations that the mouse had been placing bait [in those places for the mouse]. He was very thorough asking about other locations and if we had seen any signs of mice anywhere else in the house. It went well and I have been very pleased with the results.”

Ryan G. – Bloomfield


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