do you have bed bugs? here’s the top 3 ways to find out

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do you have bed bugs, or just some other pest that has invaded your home?

Bed bugs have recently made a comeback in many parts of the United States. Tighter restrictions on pesticides have helped bed bugs develop stronger resistance to widely used insecticides, which has boosted their populations, unfortunately.

We have plenty of pests to worry about here. If you think bed bugs might be one of them, follow these three tips to identify your pest, and then you’ll know what to tell your exterminator when he comes to help you evict your unwanted guests.

identifying if you have bed bugs

1. red, itchy bites

bed bug bites

Check yourself! This is one of the first signs that you may have bed bugs. Other bug bites are typically scattered around randomly on the body, but bed bug bites are usually in straight lines. The bites are usually red and very itchy, but not everyone reacts to bed bug bites in this way.

Often the bites will appear on the arms and shoulders but can be found on other parts of the body as well. If you start to notice random bites, then proceed to these next steps.

2. inspect your bedding

Bed bugs in mattress

Check your bedding for signs of these painful pests. Look for small bloodstains on bed sheets, pillows, or mattresses. These red spots are your blood, which bed bugs feed on. Darker spots may be present as well. These spots may be dried blood, dead bugs, feces, eggs, or shed skin.

Check your bedding layer by layer for these signs, especially in seams and corners where they can hide. Your mattress box spring is a common hiding spot as well. Also look for dark spots of insect waste where bugs might crawl into hiding places, like along mattress seams and in corners. There is often a sweet smell where groups of the bugs collect. You might also find the bed bugs themselves along mattress seams or even around your bed area.

3. bug hunt

Bed bugs on wood

Not only do bed bugs like to live and hide in your bedding, but they also find homes in the surrounding areas. You’ll be surprised where these pests might be found.

Here are some areas to check:

  • In and around nightstands and tables
  • Inside drawers or under-bed storage
  • In lamps and lampshades
  • On your curtains
  • Around picture frames
  • Inside electrical sockets and wiring
  • Around baseboards and in the cracks or corners of your walls
  • In rugs or carpeting

These are only a few examples of areas to inspect for signs of bed bugs. They can hide in many types of furniture as well, so look thoroughly.

proof. pest control can help

These are three of the most common identifiers to know if you have a bed bug issue in your home. Even if you feel like you have a nice, clean home, bed bugs can still invade. It’s not a matter of cleanliness or socioeconomic’s, bed bugs will invade wherever they can. They are good hitchhikers and may enter your home if you travel and pick them up along the way on your luggage, briefcases, or clothing.

If you’re still not sure whether you have bed bugs or not, or if you’d like us to come and help you get rid of them, please call us today or check out our bed bug removal options.

Once you know you have this pest, that’s only half the battle. Properly controlling and exterminating bed bugs is difficult, but we’re here to help!

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