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For many, pest control is just something to commit to one time—a service performed to take care of or prevent a problem that’s then (hopefully) never needed again. But the unfortunate reality is that most pest problems don’t go away just like that. For many homeowners, pest activity is something that remains constant nearly year-round, going in waves from season to season. For this reason, proof. pest often suggests seasonal pest control services. Too often, people ignore a pest infestation until it reaches its apex. However, by keeping an eye on a potential pest problem, and scheduling prevention and treatment service a few times a year, residential and commercial property owners can end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Keep reading to get the facts on seasonal pest control, and remember that you can always count on proof. for all of your home or business’s pest-related needs.

everything you need to know about seasonal pest control service

First things first: when we talk about seasonal pest control, exactly how many visits does that mean? The answer to this question can vary depending on where you live, the details of your property, and your specific needs. However, every two to three months is generally considered to be the appropriate interval for seasonal pest control. This is for a regular home or busy workplace. It is possible for certain properties to benefit from more or less pest control visits, but in general, roughly four to six pest control appointments a year should do it.

Let’s get back to the specific details that influence an individual property owner’s needs for a second. The size of the building is one factor that may influence the number of pest control treatments you need. However, just because a four-story apartment complex will take longer to inspect and treat does not mean the problem itself is more severe. So, you could own a large house and only require pest control twice a year to get rid of the odd rodent, but live in a small basement apartment and require seasonal pest control to keep away roaches.

It’s also important to consider what type of pest you are trying to get rid of. Serious pest infestations do require more treatment upfront, as well as preventative services to keep the offending pests away in the long run. For this kind of pest problem, your property may require concentrated service for up to six months. However, regular pest control is all about saving you time and hassle. You may not be dealing with a serious infestation, but periodic service can help you keep insects and rodents away as much as possible. What’s more, seasonal pest control also helps you avoid costs associated with negligence. Take termites, for instance. While preventing a termite infestation includes a certain amount of money upfront, that sum is likely to be less than what you would spend on repairs that termites would force you to make.

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Ultimately, solid pest control is all about catering to the individual customer’s needs. At proof. pest control, we may not recommend seasonal maintenance if you really need to get rid of a serious infestation, but if you live in a climate or home where pests are likely to periodically be a problem, then it is usually more cost-efficient to schedule routine service. Call to learn more about which pest control options are right for you, and remember to take advantage of our excellent referral program and specials.

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