the best way to keep pests out of a storage unit

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Across the country, many Americans use storage units. These spaces make an effective solution for when you are going on a long trip and happen to be in between apartments, or when you have items you need to sort through but not enough space in your current house to store them. Basically, there are a bunch of ways and reasons to use a storage unit. However, storage units do come with one major downside: pests. At proof. pest control, we have seen both home and business-owners lose valuable items too many times because of an infestation in their storage unit. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this from happening to you. Keep reading to learn the best way to keep pests out of a storage unit, and remember that you can always call proof. for your residential and commercial pest control needs.

3 steps to protect your storage unit from pests

  1. Make Sure Your Unit Is Regularly Cleaned & Inspected: As with any space, the cleaner your storage unit is, the better you will be able to prevent an infestation from occurring. While we understand that sometimes the point of a storage unit is to hold onto items you don’t want to have to think about, you should still consider periodically visiting your unit to see if any pests have gotten inside. After all, you wouldn’t want to find rodents gnawing through your cardboard boxes—remember, the average rat or mouse can slip through extremely narrow spaces. You don’t have to check on your storage unit all the time; a few times a year should do it. But checking in once in awhile will give you peace of mind and a chance to spot signs of an infestation, such as cracks where pests can enter and start gnawing on your boxes. This way, you can alert the facility’s management team as soon as possible and hire an exterminator before the infestation can get out of control.
  2. Package Your Items Safely: In a scenario where you are not able to keep pests out of your storage unit entirely, you can help mitigate the extent of any damage by ensuring that all your valuable items have been packed and stored properly. Airtight containers are ideal for keeping your items safe, cool, and dry. Furniture should also be protected by some kind of covering, and it is a good idea to store some items higher, using either pallets or shelves. Another good trick is to use cedar blocks to ward off moths, which are always drawn to old clothes. And you may want to consider using moisture absorbers to keep away antsroaches, and various other insects. Finally, bear in mind that there are some things that should never be stored in a storage unit to begin with. Leaving food in your storage unit, for instance, is a recipe for ending up with a pest problem. Again, the best way to protect your items is to make sure pests can’t get to them in the first place. But in the event that pests do get in, it’s best to do all you can to keep everything you’re storing safe.
  3. Store Your Items in a Facility with Pest Management Protection: While it is not a given, certain storage unit companies have measures in place to all but guarantee that your items do not get affected by pests. Some facilities may do this on your own, while others may require you to pay for pest damage protection insurance. But no matter what company you go with, make sure to at least check what their policy is regarding pests before you make a commitment. We understand that you may not want employees of these places going through your stuff, but trust us, ensuring that someone is there to check that your items are not being destroyed is much better than simply risking it and hoping for the best.

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