Rodents in Arizona: 4 Species to Watch!

By proofPest

Many rodents in Arizona routinely plague homeowners across the state. From yard-invading voles to highly destructive rat species, these rodent infestations aren’t a walk in the park!

Rodents cause thousands of dollars in damages each year, ruining interior insulation, lawns, and stored foods. Understanding more about the pest in your home could help you remove their ranks. 

Don’t forget that proof. Pest Control can control any rodent infestation in your Arizona home! Just contact us to help get rid of those pesky rats, mice, or voles giving you trouble. 


Voles are some of the most destructive outdoor pests in many of proof.’s service areas. While these rodents don’t sneak indoors to cause problems, they can still be a nuisance to the lawn you worked so hard for. 

These pests destroy yards by consuming seeds and roots of grass, trees, bushes, and garden plants. They also create long winding tunnels in the soil that butcher the grass aboveground, leaving behind unsightly dead patches



While many homes in Arizona don’t have traditional green lawns, some homeowners plant midiron grass seeds that can withstand high temperatures and lack of water. Voles can quickly destroy your hard-earned landscaping efforts!

Voles aren’t particularly dangerous critters and are often wary of human interaction. They can spread certain diseases through bites, but these rodents in Arizona shouldn’t cause you any physical harm. 

It’s often hard to eliminate voles on your own, so we suggest contacting a pest control agency specializing in vole control to remove the pests plaguing your property. You’ll get back to your luscious green grass in no time!


House Mice

Perhaps one of the most common indoor invaders, house mice are a problem throughout Arizona and the rest of the United States. 

These pests aren’t shy and regularly infest homes for frequent access to food and consistent shelter away from the elements– whether it’s hot or chilly winter weather. 

Unlike many rat species, mice aren’t too shy. Of course, they are afraid of humans, but they’ll run out in front of you while you’re lounging in your living room or trying to cook a meal in your kitchen. 

These pests prefer to nest in old storage containers, drawers, floors, or even your walls. But don’t be surprised if you find them in other locations! Their small stature allows them to access many hidden spots in your home or squeeze through tight openings to reach their next place.

Mice prefer to stick to quiet spots and will even gnaw through wood or other materials to find the right place to settle down. A mouse family may have found their way in if you hear something scratching through your walls. 

House mice can breed quickly, either in your home or outside in other locations. Because of their swift reproduction rates, they can technically fall pregnant each month of the year. Plus, young mice mature quickly, meaning they can start having children a few weeks after birth.

These pests become significant problems whenever they infest your pantry or leave their waste behind in or around your food. 

When you have a house mice infestation, it’s crucial to remove them from your home quickly. These pests will defecate and urinate wherever they roam, spreading harmful pathogens that will make you ill. 

Roof Rats

Roof rats are rodents in Arizona that frequently inhabit homeowners’ upstairs spaces. These pests may bed down in attics, wall voids, or rafters. Outdoors, they’ll choose similarly high areas to stay in, like trees or fences. 

Because of their top-notch climbing skills, they’re common in many hard-to-reach spots. Plus, their talent helps them reach many locations other mice or rats would not be able to access, like high-up pantry items.

Besides their threat to your food, roof rats pose a significant danger to your home. They can cause costly damage to your attic insulation by chewing through the fibers to craft nests for their young. 

Once damaged, your insulation won’t work as expected. Improper insulation will cause higher electricity bills during Arizona summers, continued strain on your HVAC units, heaters, and air conditions, or cause potential roof damage. 

Pack Rats

While these rodents in Arizona primarily inhabit desert and forest areas, they will occasionally scamper into homes to create nests and find frequent access to food. 

Many types of pack rats live in Arizona, but they all can cause the same amount of home damage. When living indoors, they’ll burrow through your walls or attic spaces to find the perfect place to stay. 

One of the drawbacks of a pack rat infestation is their noisiness. You may either hear these pests squeaking throughout the day or at night, interrupting your sweet dreams or running around in your walls. 

Keep in mind that these rodents aren’t as common indoors as the others on the list. In fact, these pests primarily cause problems when they create nests under car hoods! However, if you find your Arizona home infested with this species, don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

Eliminating Rodents in Arizona

It’s no secret that rodents are unwelcome guests in our homes. These pests can cause serious health issues and home damage. Whenever you have an infestation, it’s wise to act quickly to keep the problems to a minimum.

You have options for rodent control, from store-bought products to professional pest control services. However, always remain cautious when using DIY methods and follow instructions carefully. Some at-home options can do the trick, but you should consider contacting a company to keep the infestation under control. 

Regardless of your choice, you can combine your elimination method with other prevention options to maximize your pest control efforts. While roadblocks don’t deter most rodents, you can try these tips to keep them at bay. 

  • Place food in tightly locked, rigid containers
  • Repair damages that allow them to enter your home
  • Use peppermint oil to convince rodents to head elsewhere
  • Frequently clean your home to remove any crumbs and spills

proof. Pest Control can also eliminate any rodent infestation in your home. Contact us today!

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