Rodent Season: 5 Ways to Prevent Rats this Winter

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Have you spotted a rat recently? Seen more mice scurrying around your house? This isn’t a coincidence.
Even if your home has been rodent-free for months, fall and winter herald the beginning of rodent season when these pests flock to residential properties. Keep reading to learn why you’re likely to see more rodents in the next few months from our experts proof. pest control.

Everything You Should Know About Rodent Season

The curtain rises on the rodent season as the months shift and temperatures drop. It’s a time when mice and rats embark on their quest to find cozy shelters to weather the winter months. Although their breeding phase ignites during warmer weather, the fall and winter climates nudge them into hunkering down and seeking out snug corners to evade the chill – often resulting in an unwelcome home invasion.

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While a few rodents might not initially set off alarm bells, it’s worth noting that mice can play host to a staggering 60 offspring a year, while their rat counterparts can boast litters of up to 24 babies within a 12-month window. An added twist lies in the speed of growth – a mere three weeks propel mice to adulthood, meaning a minor mouse hiccup could evolve into a full-blown infestation in the blink of an eye.

This annual rodent spectacle kicks off anywhere between late August and October, extending its presence into the late winter and early spring months. During these times, rodents seek refuge indoors, only emerging when the temperatures rise and nature offers a buffet of food sources. However, as with any show, each season boasts its unique narrative.

The year 2020 unveiled an unprecedented rodent performance. The stage saw an influx of rodents migrating from urban hubs to suburban landscapes, triggered by pandemic-induced shutdowns of eateries and businesses. The takeaway is clear: whether your dwelling boasts a history of rodent visits, it’s prudent to heighten your vigilance and embrace preventative measures to keep them at bay.

Preventing a Rodent Infestation

Shielding your home from unwelcome rodent invaders isn’t just a seasonal task– it’s essential to keeping your home safe and pest-free! Using practical strategies, you’ll create an environment that makes rodents think twice about moving in and encourage them to look for shelter elsewhere.

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  • Look out for droppings/marks: Rodents leave fecal matter wherever they go, and some mice even use urine to communicate, so look out for small dark fecal droppings and trails of urine across your property this coming season. Rodents also cause a lot of damage, so watch for scratch marks and signs of gnawing on wood and furniture, as well as electrical wires, which rodents often use to sand down their sharp teeth.
  • Try to declutter: The more clutter you have in your home, the more spaces there are for rodents to hide. Make sure to check areas with tight, dark crevices, such as your garage, basement, closets, and attic, where rodents often use insulation as nesting. The less clutter you have in these spaces, the less appealing these areas will be to rodents this season.
  • Put away food properly/keep your home as clean as possible: Rodents are attracted to any food and waste, so you must put any leftovers into tightly sealed containers and throw away any old, rotted food as soon as possible. You should also wipe down surfaces, vacuum to get rid of crumbs regularly, and take out the trash as often as possible. Practicing proper hygiene and sanitation goes a long way to keeping rodents away.
  • Seal Up Cracks & Crevices: While it may be impossible to patch up every single hole in your home, sealing up crevices wherever you can will help to discourage rats and mice from sneaking into your property. That means weather-stripping doors and windows, caulking up holes and cracks, and closing unwanted openings around your house. Remember, some rats can squeeze through openings roughly the size of a quarter, while mice can compress their bodies to fit through holes the diameter of a dime, which is extremely important.
  • Use Traps & Repellents: It’s never a bad idea to purchase traps and rodent repellents at the beginning of rodent season as a precaution. Especially if you have had rodent problems before, these products can act as a first line of defense to help keep these pests away from your property. Of course, for more comprehensive protection, you can always hire a professional…

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