3 Pet-Safe Ant Traps to Try Today!

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Keeping our homes free from pests is a top priority for pet owners, but finding pet-safe options for dealing with ant problems can be challenging. However, you can create pet-safe ant traps in your kitchen with a few everyday household items and a little DIY spirit. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you through two effective methods that are safe for your pets and easy to make at home.

Pet-Safe Ant Traps

Ant infestations can be a common annoyance for many homeowners, but finding a safe and effective solution becomes even more necessary when you have pets. Fortunately, here are some simple and pet-safe ant traps you can create right in the comfort of your own home. 

However, remember that some ingredients in popular DIY traps aren’t entirely safe for pets. We suggest you avoid any homemade trap that includes boric acid, borax, or diatomaceous earth to prevent accidental ingestion or inhalation. 

Syrup Traps

One pet-friendly ant trap you can easily make at home involves using syrup as bait. Here’s how you can create and use it effectively:

You’ll need a few materials to make this at home. Grab a small container or lid, something shallow and wide enough for ants to enter. Pick any syrup you choose, like maple syrup. We need something sticky to keep them in place. 

multiple bottles of maple syrup surrounding a white plate

After you’ve collected your needed items, start constructing your trap. 

  • Pour a small amount of syrup into each container. The sweet scent will attract the ants to the trap.
  • Place the ant traps in areas where you have noticed ant activity or along ant trails. Focus on locations where you want to deter ants, such as near pet food bowls or along baseboards.
  • Monitor the traps regularly to assess ant activity and the effectiveness of the traps. If the syrup dries up or becomes contaminated with ants, replace it with fresh syrup.
  • Keep the ant traps out of reach of your pets. Place them in areas inaccessible to your pets, such as behind furniture or corners where your pets cannot easily reach them.

As ants are attracted to the syrup, they will enter the containers for food. Once inside, they may become trapped due to the sticky nature of the syrup. This helps to control the ant population without posing any harm to your pets.

Remember, while this DIY ant trap is considered pet-safe, keeping an eye on your pets and ensuring they cannot access the traps is crucial. If you have concerns about ant control and the safety of your pets, consider consulting with a professional pest control service or a veterinarian for guidance.

Tape Traps

To make pet-safe ant traps using tape, you will need double-sided adhesive or sticky tape, scissors (if needed), and disposable gloves (optional). Begin by selecting a type of tape that is sticky on both sides and safe for use around pets. 

Yellow sticky tape, a component of pet-safe ant traps, against a blue and yellow background

Identify areas where ants are active or where you want to prevent their entry, such as near windows, doors, or cracks in the walls. Cut strips of tape to an appropriate length, considering the size of the area you want to cover and the level of ant activity.

Put on disposable gloves, if desired, to protect your hands from the sticky surface. Peel off the protective layer from one side of the tape, exposing the adhesive surface, and carefully press it onto the targeted surface.

Ensure the tape is firmly attached and covers where ants are likely to travel. Repeat the process, placing tape strips in multiple locations where ants are active or along their trails. 

Regularly monitor the tape traps to check for ant activity. As ants attempt to crawl over the tape, they will get stuck on its sticky surface. Replace the tape when it loses its stickiness or becomes heavily contaminated with dirt, debris, or captured ants. 

Keep the tape traps out of reach of your pets by placing them in inaccessible areas, such as high up on walls or corners. 

Using double-sided adhesive or sticky tape creates a physical barrier preventing ants from moving freely and entering specific areas, providing a pet-safe solution for ant control. 

Remember to use the tape traps with other preventive measures to discourage ant activity further.

Jar Ant Traps

To create pet-safe ant traps using a jar, you’ll need a few simple supplies: a clean and empty jar with a lid, a sweet liquid bait like a mixture of sugar and water, and some dish soap.

Empty jar with a silver lid, one of the pet-safe ant traps

Start by thoroughly cleaning the jar and ensuring it is dry. Next, prepare the sweet liquid bait by mixing sugar and water. You can adjust the concentration based on the severity of the ants. The sweet scent will attract them.

Add a small drop of dish soap to the sweet liquid bait to enhance the trap’s effectiveness. The dish soap disrupts the surface tension of the liquid, making it easier for the ants to sink and drown.

Carefully pour the sweet liquid bait into the jar, filling it with about one-third of the jar. Avoid overfilling to ensure the ants can access the bait easily. If possible, create tiny holes in the lid using a nail or drill; these holes will serve as entry points for the ants.

Place the ant trap in areas where you have noticed ant activity or along their familiar trails. Ensure your pets are out of reach to prevent any unintended contact. Remember to monitor the trap regularly to assess its effectiveness. If the bait becomes diluted or contaminated, replace it with a fresh batch to maintain its attractiveness to the ants.

Remember, although this trap is pet-safe, it’s still important to supervise your pets and ensure they cannot access or ingest the bait.

You can create a simple and effective pet-safe ant trap using a jar following these steps. This method provides a reliable way to control ant populations while prioritizing the safety of your beloved pets.

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Remember, these DIY pet-safe ant traps are great for minor ant problems and general prevention. But it’s always best to seek professional help for more persistent or challenging ant infestations. 

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