How to Keep Wasps Away From the Pool: 4 Tips

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There’s nothing quite like lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the cool water. But when wasps start buzzing around, it can quickly turn your poolside haven into unwelcome territory. Don’t let these stinging pests crash your summer vibes! 


In this blog, we’ll share expert tips and tricks to show you how to keep wasps away from the pool. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Keep Wasps Away From the Pool

We all know how these persistent insects can quickly turn a peaceful backyard gathering into a chaotic ordeal. But fear not, for we have the solutions you need. Here’s our expert advice to keep wasps away from your pool this summer. 

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Remove Potential Food Sources

When indulging in delicious treats by the poolside, it’s essential to take measures to shield them from the attention of wasps. Storing your food and drinks in sealed containers or covering them with lids contains enticing scents that may attract these curious insects


To fortify your defense strategy against wasps, consider using insect-proof food covers too. These covers, typically made of mesh or netting, provide a barrier preventing wasps from reaching your food. 


By using these covers, not only do you safeguard your treats from potential contamination, but you also add a practical and aesthetic touch to your poolside setup. These covers come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your food platters and dishes.


Consider using garbage bins with locking mechanisms to deter attempts by wasps to keep the pests out of your trash. Regularly empty and clean the containers to eliminate lingering odors.


Verify that the lids of the trash containers are secure to prevent insect access. Furthermore, consider placing the bins away from the pool area, ideally at a distance that discourages wasps from approaching your poolside retreat.

Keep the Poolside Clean

Just keeping the food away isn’t enough. These crafty insects can detect slight traces of sugary drinks or food spills, and any sign of a meal will bring them near. However, you can effectively deter them from crashing your pool party!


Stay on high alert and swiftly tackle spills as they occur. Grab a cloth or sponge and wipe down tables, chairs, and outdoor countertops with a mild detergent or cleanser. What you use doesn’t matter; just leave no sweet residue behind to keep your pool off-limits to these stinging pests. 


Interested in deep-cleaning your outdoor furniture? Check out this guide to learn more!


But the battle doesn’t end there! While getting caught up in the fun is easy, don’t forget to toss away any leftover food or packaging from your latest pool party. Anything left behind may become an open invitation for wasps to join in. 


Place fruit peels, snack containers, juice boxes, or soda cans in a tightly sealed trash container. This makes it nearly impossible for those sneaky critters to catch a whiff of the feast they’re hoping for.


You can create an oasis free from their buzzing presence and learn how to keep wasps away from the pool by taking charge of your poolside cleanliness and denying wasps’ sugary desires. So, dive in confidently, bask in the sun, and enjoy the water without those bothersome intruders buzzing around. Your poolside paradise awaits!

Forgo the Sweet Scents

Love fruity or floral scents? Wasps do too!


When enjoying a day by the pool, be mindful of the personal care products you choose. Choosing lighter scents is often how to keep wasps away from the pool swiftly!

Strong perfumes, heavily scented lotions, and hair products with overpowering fragrances are irresistible invitations for wasps, making them more likely to venture closer to your pool area.


Opt for lightly scented or unscented options to minimize the risk of wasps gathering near the water. 


Consider using unscented or mildly scented sunscreens. While your orange or coconut-scented product may smell great, we suggest choosing items labeled “fragrance-free” if pests are a problem on your property. 


Before you spritz on your favorite perfume, think twice about applying anything with too sweet of a scent. Fresh, citrusy, or herbal fragrances are less appealing to wasps than intense floral or sugary scents. 


Applying these products sparingly and avoiding direct application immediately before entering the pool area can help reduce the cloud of fragrance that may attract wasps. Minimizing the intensity of scents around the pool can significantly decrease the likelihood of drawing in wasps. 


No one wants to share their pool with wasps! 

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