Memorial Day Safety Tips: Expert Advice for Holiday Safety!

By proofPest

With Memorial Day fast approaching, you are probably busy planning for an outdoor barbeque or a fun day on the water.

Whether you’ll be out exploring or spending a casual day at home, it’s important to follow some Memorial Day safety tips before you begin your holiday celebrations. 

Here are our top six Memorial Day safety tips to stay protected this Monday!

Memorial Day safety tips

Apply Plenty of Bug Spray

If you’re spending some time outdoors in the sun, you shouldn’t leave the house without protection. As the summer heats up, many pests will enjoy the warm weather, too!

Before heading outdoors, try applying an aerosol bug spray to any exposed skin. As insects like mosquitoes buzz around looking for their next meal, the heavy aroma of the spray will mask your scent and prevent you from being bitten. 

A mosquito bite is an itchy nuisance, and you could get an infection if you frequently scratch the area. In some regions of the United States, some mosquitoes can pass along dangerous illnesses that may make you very sick. 

West Nile virus is one of the most well-known mosquito-borne diseases. If you are bitten by an infected mosquito, you may experience:

  • Fever
  • Nausea 
  • Body and joint pain
  • Diarrhea 
  • Rash

While most infected with West Nile virus recover after a short time, some may continue to suffer from symptoms months after the initial illness. 

Besides their danger to you, mosquitoes can also endanger your furry friends. If your dog or cat does not have frequent heartworm treatments, they could catch parasites from infected mosquito bites. 

Proper protection will prevent your pets from contracting this debilitating disease. If your pet frequently visits your backyard, be sure to give them a safeguard against pests. 

Mosquitoes are common pests that plague many proof. customers, and our mosquito control services can quickly eliminate these pesky insects. Through monthly scheduled treatments, we can remove these problem pests from your property. 

Slather on the Sunscreen! 

One of our top Memorial Day safety tips is to wear plenty of sunscreen. A sunburn is no joke and can leave you feeling uncomfortable for days. Severe sunburns may even require medical attention if your skin easily blisters!

Use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun whenever you head outdoors for an extended period. While you usually reserve sunscreen for long days on the beach, you should always use proper protection from the sun’s bright rays.

Even in cloudy or unpredictable weather, you should pack a spare bottle of sunscreen before you leave for your outdoor plans. According to the CDC, the risk for sunburn is the highest from 10 AM to 4 PM, but you can get blistered even when the sun isn’t high in the sky.

Because the sun can reflect off sand or water, always apply sun protection if you take a trip to the beach or a lake. You don’t want to end your day as red as a ladybug! 

While we all need our daily dose of Vitamin D, too much sun can cause irreversible damage to your skin. With sunscreen, you avoid an uncomfortable night of sleeping on your singed skin, and dodge further complications down the road from harmful UV rays!

Always Wear a Life Jacket on Water Vehicles 

If you plan to spend Memorial Day on the water, you should always pack a life jacket on board. To protect yourself this holiday, this is one of our Memorial Day safety tips you should never skip. 

Whether you are on a motorboat, jet ski, or kayak, you should always wear a life jacket. While you may be confident in your swimming abilities, lifejackets will keep you safe in unforeseen circumstances.

The water may be unpredictable and unusually rough because of the increased boat traffic during the holiday. If you accidentally fall overboard, a lifejacket will keep you above water until your group can pull you back up to safety!

Avoid Leaving Raw Food Unrefrigerated

You may be worried about overcooking hotdogs, steaks, and pork chops as you fire up your grill. While a dark char may ruin your appetite, spoiled food could leave you feeling ill. 

If you plan to cook outdoors, never leave the meat out of the refrigerator for very long. After you have removed your soon-to-be grilled items from the cold, be sure to cook your food promptly. 

Not only will the spoiled meat taste funny, but you could also consume harmful bacteria or toxins that will make you extremely sick. No one wants to spend the holiday with food poisoning!

While you’re cooking grilled delicacies for your friends and family, also make sure to cook your food properly. Some food items like steaks or burgers hold up with slight sears, but undercooked chicken and pork aren’t suitable to eat. 

As you pull your items off the grill, grab a meat thermometer to ensure the internal temperature is high enough to eat. 

Keep a Water Bottle Handy

If you plan to spend most of your day outdoors, stay hydrated! As the temperature climbs, you release most of your body’s water through sweat. While this helps you stay cool, you will need to replenish yourself with more water.

Before you head outdoors, fill up a cooler with drinks or grab a large thermos with ice water. Not only is this an easy Memorial Day safety tip to prepare for, but staying hydrated can help prevent heatstroke and let you enjoy your day longer!

For more information on how heat can affect your body, check out this video.

Never Disturb an Active Insect Nest

As you venture out to a state park or just head out to your back lawn, keep an eye out for any hidden insect nests. 

Local insect populations explode during the warm summer months, and you’ll have a few extra friends joining your holiday activities as you hike, barbeque, or settle down for a quaint camp in the woods. 

If you spot an insect nest around your activity area, do not approach it. While this may slightly dampen your plans, it’s better to stay safe than sorry, especially if you aren’t sure what insect may be lurking nearby. 

Wasps are highly aggressive creatures and could attack in full force if their home is threatened. While a paper wasp or hornet nest is easy to spot and avoid, underground yellowjacket nests could cause a problem if you accidentally trample over the hive.

Be cautious as you head outdoors this holiday and avoid disturbing the pests. While we all want to enjoy the sun, we still have to share this space with some creepy crawlers! 

Remember our Memorial Day Safety Tips!

As you head into the long weekend, keep these Memorial Day safety tips in mind! Here at proof. pest control, we hope that you enjoy this day with your family and remember all fallen service members this holiday.

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