how to know if you have fleas

By proofPest
Fleas are small, reddish-brown insects that feed off the blood of mammals and birds. While these parasites are most commonly associated with attaching themselves to pets, they can also feed on human blood—so it’s important to watch out for them, even if you don’t have a dog or a cat. Keep reading for how to know if you have fleas in your home, and remember that for flea infestations and more, you can always contact our flea extermination experts at proof. pest control.

the top signs you’re dealing with a flea infestation

  1. Strange Behavior in Your Pets: As we mentioned above, fleas are not just a problem for pet owners. However, if you do have pests, it is particularly important to watch for the signs that something is off with your animals. If your cat or dog is excessively licking or scratching themselves, or even biting at their fur, this could be their way of telling you they have fleas.
  2. Other Medical Problems in Your Pets: In addition to your pets’ behavior, you may notice them having a medical response if they are being attacked by fleas. This can include loss of hair, pale lips and gums, allergic dermatitis, and even tapeworms.
  3. Dot-Like Insects Jumping Around Your Home: Fleas are extremely tiny and hard to spot. However, it may be possible to tell if these insects have invaded your home if you notice small dots jumping around. Fleas are small and brown in color, but to the human eye, they may appear like little specs in the air.
  4. Tiny, White Eggs: You may be able to recognize flea eggs as tiny white balls. These are also quite hard to spot, but it is possible to detect them in your pets’ hair, or even your own.
  5. Flea Dirt: Flea dirt is actually flea feces, composed of old blood they have eaten. You may find these nasty black specs on the skin of yourself or your animals when dealing with a flea infestation, though it is also common for them to show up in dog beds.

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