4 Tips on How to Check a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

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When you’re staying at a hotel, one of the last things you want to think about is bringing home unwanted bed bugs. The mere idea can put a damper on your vacation excitement! That’s why it’s important to know how to check a hotel room for bed bugs. 
Nobody wants these pests making themselves at home in your personal space, turning your post-trip relaxation into stress. That’s why it’s really important to take action swiftly if you suspect bed bugs have paid you an unwelcome visit. By acting fast, you can prevent any potential issues from getting worse. Take a look at our blog, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs.

How to Check a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Exploring new places is exciting, but what’s not so thrilling is the possibility of bringing home unwanted souvenirs – bed bugs. Learn how to safeguard your home and keep these pesky pests at bay after your hotel stay.

Start with Your Luggage

When you arrive at your hotel room, avoid putting your luggage or bags down right away. We all know how difficult it is to spot these scheming pests, so we recommend putting your belongings in a safe location until you’ve thoroughly checked the room.

Brown and black luggage bag

Avoid putting your luggage down on any carpeted or cloth areas like chairs, bedding, or carpeting. Hardwood flooring isn’t completely safe either, as these pests can hide within rugs or even behind basebaords. Instead, opt for a hard, tall surface away from any potential hiding spots. We suggest leaving your luggage in the bathroom atop the sink or inside a dry tub until your initial inspection is over.

Bed bugs won’t be able to reach your luggage, and you’ll have a safe (and clean) spot to keep your items until the room is cleared.

Use a Flashlight

Next, on to the inspection! You’ll need a small, bright flashlight to complete this next step. Either bring along one to use or turn your phone flashlight up to the highest setting.

Bed bugs can hide in small, dark crevices, and an overhead light may not provide enough light to see these pests in the dark. Using a flashlight will help you look into these inconspicuous spots and help increase your chances of spotting these elusive pests.

Begin with the Bed

Your main target area is the bed, as bed bugs prefer spots close to humans. Let’s kick off your check by focusing on the bedding:

Gently pull back the sheets, blankets, and comforter, and be on the lookout for clear signs like small bloodstains, rust-colored spots, or even the bugs themselves. These visible marks stem from their feeding habits and offer key hints of their presence.

Wrinkled white sheets, one of the best ways how to check a hotel room for bed bugs

Now, let’s shift our attention to the mattress seams and ends. These specific spots are appealing to bed bugs because they provide ample protection. Run your fingers along these seams and folds, checking for any irregularities that might signal the potential existence of bed bugs.

Move on to the box spring, if accessible. Remove the dust cover from its underside to get a better view. Inspect its seams, corners, and edges for signs of infestation, similar to how you examined the mattress.

Take a look at the headboard and nightstands, as well. Examine cracks, crevices, and possible hiding spots more closely. Use a credit card or a flat object to flush out hidden bed bugs in seams, crevices, and folds. This technique can help you spot live bugs that might be trying to evade detection.

Inspect Furniture and Upholstery

Bed bugs don’t limit their presence to just beds; they can also take up residence in other pieces of furniture and upholstery. Here’s how to check a hotel room for bed bugs- not just your bed. Keep a close eye on the following areas:

Chairs and sofas: Take the time to meticulously examine the cushions, seams, and folds of chairs and sofas. These nooks and crannies can serve as cozy and inconspicuous hideouts for bed bugs.

Drawers and dressers: Don’t overlook the drawers within your surroundings. Open each drawer and conduct a thorough inspection. Bed bugs have a knack for finding their way into these confined spaces, making it imperative to scrutinize them for any unwanted guests.

Examine Walls and Ceilings

While bed bugs commonly infest bedding and furniture, it’s important to look in other areas, especially when learning how to check a hotel room for bed bugs.

You may see bed bugs on walls, ceilings, or around your floor in the event of a severe infestation. Never rule out seemingly out of place areas when checking for these pests!

Carefully scan these surfaces for any signs of bed bugs, such as bugs themselves, dark fecal spots, or even small white eggs clinging to the crevices. Look around paintings, hanging pictures, and wall outlets for any signs of bed bugs too. If you notice these pests, immediately notify hotel staff as you may be near a significant infestation.

Eliminate Bed Bugs with proof.

Learning how to check a hotel room for bed bugs won’t protect your home from any wayward stragglers! If possible, avoid bringing any luggage from your hotel into your home before washing or disposing of its contents.

But if you accidentally introduce these pests to your home, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Wash clothing, bedding, towels, and fabrics with hot water and dry them in a dryer on high heat.
  • Vacuum and deeply clean your mattress and the area around your bed.
  • Consider covering your mattress.
  • Perform a comprehensive cleaning throughout your home.
  • Contact pest control officials

Collaborating with experts like proof. pest control can keep your home bed-bug and worry-free. Trust us to lend a hand whenever bed bugs invade!

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