Choosing the Best Homemade Bed Bug Spray!

By proofPest

Are you waking up with itchy bites all over your body? You may have bed bugs!

While it’s frightening to think about these pests crawling around your home, you don’t have to worry! There are multiple pest control options available to keep bed bugs at bay. 

But, what works best? Can I try a homemade bed bug spray?

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything about DIY bed bug control and when to turn to a professional to keep bed bugs from disrupting your sleep!

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Unlike roaches or ants, bed bugs won’t search for a snack in your kitchen. Similar to mosquitoes and ticks, bed bugs primarily consume blood.

Bed bugs don’t freely exist outdoors, so they can’t crawl in from the outside. Instead, these pests hitch a ride back to your home through infested objects. 

Have you recently purchased a used mattress, couch, or chair? Bed bugs can stay embedded within these objects for weeks or months and slowly make their presence known as you begin using your newly bought items. 

Homeowners commonly notice a bed bug infestation after sleeping a few nights on an infested mattress, but these pests don’t solely reside in your nighttime furniture. Bed bugs can travel small distances of around eight feet to reach their desired meal.

These pests can enter your home from other infested areas. Many bed bug infestations occur after a hotel or motel stay. These businesses have frequent guests, and improper cleaning methods could allow bed bugs to thrive unabated. 

Bed bugs can crawl from furniture onto your clothing or luggage, laying in wait until you return home. Even if they lack a sufficient meal, they can continue to reproduce until they finally find a host!

Check out this video for tips on how to avoid bed bugs!

Choosing a Homemade Bed Bug Spray

So, what works for DIY bed bug pest control? Bed bugs are too difficult to handle alone, so many homeowners turn to a reputable pest control agency like proof. pest control to remove them from their homes. 

When you’re considering a homemade treatment, remember that it may not eliminate the bed bugs in your furniture or clothing. These pests are becoming increasingly resistant to many commercial pest control solutions, so a DIY option may not help.

Certain chemicals work better than others for a homemade bed bug spray. 

For example, bleach isn’t a viable option to remove bed bugs. While you will quickly eliminate any bugs soaked in the strong chemical, it will not impact other insects hiding away in the seams of your mattress or couch. Plus, it could ruin your bedding!

Alcohol works similarly, but you’ll have to coat the insects in the pungent-smelling liquid to remove them. The smell will repel them from the areas you disperse the rubbing alcohol, but they will return to biting after it wears off. 

Like bleach, these substances could also seriously discolor or damage fabric materials.

Regularly inhaling bleach or rubbing alcohol could negatively impact your respiratory system and cause breathing difficulties. Plus, these chemicals may even exacerbate existing problems like asthma. 

 If you’re still interested in utilizing these solutions, avoid sleeping near the objects you spray and thoroughly launder the items afterward. However, we recommend using other products in your homemade bed bug spray.

Instead, consider using a vinegar mixture for your DIY pest control. While vinegar has a distinct and sometimes overpowering odor, it is a natural cleanser and shouldn’t leave behind any stains on your mattress or comforter.

Using a Homemade Bed Bug Spray

Before you use your newly made bed bug spray, here’s what you should know! The best pest control solution is trusting a pest control agency, and DIY options may not solve your problem.

If you choose to utilize bleach or alcohol to eliminate pests, dilute both substances with plenty of water and look around the seams of your mattress for any visible bed bugs, eggs, or egg casings. 

Spray the pests with your mixture and allow it to soak the bed bugs to resolve some of your insect issues. However, be careful lighting candles around your home if the bleach and alcohol residue is still present.

After eliminating the bed bugs, try to clean any surfaces with your bleach or alcohol mixture on them. If your mattress is completely saturated in either liquid, consider utilizing a mattress cleaning agency or another heavy cleaning service.

If you use vinegar in your home bed bug spray, you’ll have less of a clean-up, but your bedroom might smell funny for a few days! 

To create a vinegar insect treatment, mix ½ cup of water with ½ cup white vinegar and shake or stir to combine. 

After you’ve mixed the vinegar with water in a spray bottle, spritz the entirety of your bed. Don’t forget to spray around the seams of your mattress or other furniture, as this is where bed bugs commonly hide!

Be sure to treat any visible bed bugs you spot crawling around on your mattress. Direct contact with the vinegar solution will destroy their nervous system and eliminate them swiftly. To get the best results, repeat this process daily or at least every few days.  

Contact proof. For Additional Help!

DIY solutions won’t always remove these pests. Similar to other insect species, bed bugs have become immune to commercial pesticides in stores, and a homemade bed bug spray can’t effectively eliminate bed bugs like traditional pest control. 

Without the correct treatment, bed bugs could continue to thrive in your home and infest other rooms. Whenever a stubborn bed bug infestation sticks around, you should contact proof. pest control to help you out!

When you contact us for a bed bug treatment, our technicians will visit your home and inspect various areas where the bed bugs may hide. Then, they’ll apply a treatment to eliminate adult insects and target maturing pests!

After our second treatment, all the bed bugs on your property should be gone, and you can sleep peacefully again! Contact us today to schedule a bed bug service!

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