Quality Centipede Repellent: What to Try!

By proofPest

Ranging in size and number of legs, centipedes are creepy pests that invade homes across the world! While these insects don’t typically cause large infestations, they are still a nuisance in your home. 

To prevent centipedes from creeping inside once the weather grows cold, you’ll need a quality centipede repellent to keep them away for good!

Keep reading to learn tips and tricks that will keep your home centipede-free!

What Centipede Repellent Works for You?

Your choice of repellent may differ depending on your situation. What works for a small number of insects won’t provide relief from larger infestations. 

Essential Oils

What’s that smell?

While we value a good scent, many pests turn their nose up at anything that smells too strong. Essential oils are often used for homeopathic medicinal purposes or in cleaners to give your home a squeaky clean smell. 

These products are also excellent pest control methods in a pinch. While essential oils won’t eliminate pests or significantly reduce their numbers, oils can keep pests away from crucial areas in your home. Plus, the centipedes may even decide to leave your home if the conditions are unfavorable! 

Here’s a list of essential oils that prevent centipedes from entering your home!

  • Peppermint
  • Tea tree
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender 

Instead of adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to an oil diffuser, soak cotton balls in your chosen essential oil. You can either pour the liquid on the soft cotton product or saturate them in a filled bowl. 

You can create an essential oil spray if you’re looking for more coverage. In a spray bottle filled with water, add ten or more drops of any essential oil on our list to keep these creepy critters at bay. Then, apply your DIY product to your baseboards and home’s exterior. 

While many of these oils work as excellent centipede repellents, we suggest using peppermint or tea tree oil for your at-home pest control. These scents are incredibly fragrant and may have more success.

Remove their Entry Points

Often, the most effective deterrent is preventive measures! Pests crawl indoors through cracks and crevices on your home’s foundation and siding that you may not even notice.

Insects are common throughout the year, but many homeowners typically see an increase in indoor pests whenever the temperatures drop in the fall and winter. 

Centipedes become nuisances whenever the weather outdoors is unfavorable, and you may have a growing infestation on your hands if you see centipedes crawling around in your home. 

To send centipedes packing during chilly weather, seal up any potential entry points they may enter through. If you have any noticeable damage to your home’s exterior, you can often repair these damages yourself.

For small cracks, stucco, plaster, or caulk can quickly get the job done and help you avoid a pest infestation during the wintertime. However, always consult a repair person before making significant repairs to your home. 

Eliminate Existing Food Sources

Many pest problems occur because of existing insect infestations. Spiders, for example, stick around homes with bugs already inside! Besides escaping the cold, centipedes may invade your home, looking for food.

To curtail an existing centipede problem and prevent the pests from returning, you should eliminate the number of pests indoors. Here’s a list of bugs that centipedes love to snack on when they infest indoor areas:

  • Cockroaches
  • Moths
  • Silverfish 
  • Spiders
  • House crickets
  • Beetles

While a centipede can lend a helping hand and eliminate the insects already plaguing your home, you don’t want more pests taking up residence! 

There are many different pest control alternatives you can choose from depending on the pests inside your home. Simply excluding their food sources by cleaning up your kitchen or pantry can do the trick. 

However, if you need specialized insect care, contact proof. Pest Control to help out! We cover over thirty different types of pests! With our Pest-Free Guarantee, we can keep your home pest-free throughout the year!

Use Plants to Your Advantage!

One of the best centipede repellents may already grow in your garden! House and garden centipedes dislike certain scents, and these insects aren’t fans of some plant species either. 

Mint and pepper plants can help prevent centipedes in certain areas on your property. Putting the plants in the ground is the only tricky part! Here’s a great guide that will answer all of your questions about planting cayenne peppers in your garden!

To convince centipedes to set up shop elsewhere, consider planting mint or cayenne peppers outside your home or along your exterior foundation. As centipedes approach your home to sneak indoors, they may turn the other way!

These plants work well for indoor use too. Just put pots around your window sills or wherever centipedes are most common. A whiff of a mint or cayenne plant could send the centipedes packing! 

Effectiveness of DIY Centipede Repellents

Whenever you utilize at-home remedies, there’s always a chance you’ll encounter issues. Some options won’t work for specific pests, and there’s no guarantee these methods will completely prevent centipedes.

We suggest using these options in conjunction with other pest control methods. With regular pest control treatments, any of these repellents can make stray pests turn the other way!

For fool-proof and effective pest control, contact proof. Pest Control! Our highly-trained pest technicians can quickly remove stubborn insects that overstay their welcome. 

Plus, whenever you sign up for proof.’s Pest-Free Guarantee service, you’re guaranteed seasonal services to control pest problems no matter what time of the year!

We’ll examine your home for signs of potential pest activity through interior and exterior inspections, applying our EPA-approved pesticide treatments around your property. When you have pest problems, contact us today!

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