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proof.'s sales team cleaning up yardOn July 18th, 2015, the sales team at Proof. Pest Control partnered with Detroit’s Urban Development Corporation and Onebrick to help clean up the northeast side of Detroit.As is well known, much of Detroit’s neighborhoods have been affected greatly by economic downturns. Thousands of homes are vacant and in need of much work. Many of the homes have been set on fire at one point and are completely inhabitable, without much of the roof, windows, floors, etc. And the outside of these homes has been overgrown with unkempt trees, shrubs, and grass, making it a very unsafe environment.

The Urban Development Corporation has partnered with several businesses to clean up the mess and not only make Detroit’s streets look a lot better, but more importantly, make it a safer place to live. Because there are so many abandoned homes, a lot of crime can take place undetected. Murder, rape, and drug dealing are some of the main crimes among many others.

These properties need to be cleaned up on the outside and boarded up so that our city can become a safer place. This past Saturday, hundreds of volunteers got together, to help in this huge effort to help restore Detroit.



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