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At proof., our core values guide us in our personal and business lives. To us, our core values are not just words on a page. They actually mean something. We use and refer to them daily. They help us make decisions and confront difficult situations.One of our core values is accountability. Specifically, “we own our responsibilities at home, at work, and in our communities.”  As part of “owning” our responsibilities in our communities, proof. participates in multiple service projects throughout the year.On December 13th 2015, proof. was involved in another such project

proof. partnered with The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries on Anglin in Detroit and One Brick of Detroit to help prepare and serve a meal to those in need.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries provides several different types of help for men: permanent, transitional, and emergency housing, for reasons from chronic drug use and mental illness to homelessness and transitional needs.

We arrived and were ushered in to put on hair nets (those of us with hair), gloves, and aprons. We helped prepare the food that was being served that afternoon for lunch with the head chef Charles, a nice man who had been doing meals here for some time. He had a nice sense of humor and tried to make the afternoon fun.

The meal being served was sandwiches, all different kinds of bread and meats, cheese, lettuce, honey mustard, and mayonnaise. They also had pork and beans, plain beans for those not allowed pork, and water to drink. A lot of the men are in drug withdrawal and have a hard time keeping food down.

At the time we were there they also had one woman there in detox and they paid special attention to her dietary needs to make sure she was eating to keep up her strength. A simple sandwich may not seem like a lot but to someone detoxing it can be hard to stomach.

Everyone volunteering that day, a total of 12 people from One Brick, were placed at a station to assist the members with making their meal. Because of the type of housing it is, you couldn’t move about or have contact with the men outside of the food line, for their safety and ours.

It may have seemed bleak but we gave them a smile and some human interaction that they normally would not have had. The room was hot and the circumstances sad but giving a couple hours of our time to try and give back was what it was all about.

Everyone faces hard times at some point in their lives. These people were no different; it could be any one of us there. Trying to have understanding for all walks of life and give back is what Proof Pest Control is all about.


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