beyond ticks & fleas: other pests that bother your pets

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When it comes to pets, most homeowners already know that ticks and fleas can do a lot of harm to their furry friends. However, did you know that your cat or dog can also be bitten and bothered by many of the same pests that disrupt your life? Keep reading to learn the top three pests that are likely to drive your pets crazy, other than ticks and fleas, and remember that proof. pest control is always here for your residential pest control needs.

the top 3 pests other than ticks & fleas that are likely to bother your pets:

  1. Cockroaches: Roaches are unlikely to bite your pets, or even go out of their way to bother them. However, cockroaches can be harmful to your cat and dog when eaten. They also pose a risk of contaminating your animals’ water and food dishes, and while roaches carry various bacteria and pathogens that may be harmful to humans, they can have an even worse effect on pets, transmitting parasites that cause worms. Bottom line: for the health and sanity of your cat, dog, and everyone on your property, it’s always better to get rid of roaches ASAP.
  2. Ants: Most ants are harmless to pets and to people. Yet the bite of a fire ant can have lasting health effects on your dog or cat. In fact, fire ant venom can even be deadly to animals – and humans, for that matter – with certain allergies. Watch out for signs of a fire ant bite in your pets, such as trouble breathing, fatigue, sudden collapse, and even going into anaphylactic shock, and do not hesitate to call proof. pest control if you ever suspect there is an ant infestation on your property.
  3. Mosquitoes: That’s right—mosquitos are as likely to bite Fido or Fluffy as they are to bite you! In addition, mosquitoes also carry diseases that may be passed on to your pets, including heartworm, which can be fatal if it goes untreated. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the fun for you or your pets next summer, and call proof. pest control for service today.

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