Found Bed Bug Eggs? Here’s How to Eliminate an Infestation

By proof. Pest Control

Waking up with nightmares is no fun. Neither is having bed bug bites every morning!

You’ve heard the horror stories of bed bug bites from newly acquired used furniture and how these tiny pests will hide in unseen areas of mattresses and couches. 

Besides being bitten by these tiny pests, locating bed bug eggs is one of the best ways to pinpoint the source of an infestation. Check out our article to learn more about bed bug eggs and how to get rid of these pests!

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Surprisingly, bed bugs can easily infest your home, especially if you’ve recently purchased furniture from a secondhand store.

While bed bugs can invade anything, they are most known for taking up residence within mattresses or other bedding. Because of the close proximity between you and your bed, these pests can crawl out of their hiding spots to feed during the night.

However, you can still suffer from bed bugs even if you haven’t recently brought home a new mattress or living room set.

Bed bugs can travel from infected areas and overrun your home. If you’ve recently spent time in a hotel or someone else’s home, bed bugs can travel in your luggage or clothing back to your residence.

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like?

If you’re looking for signs of bed bugs, locating bed bug eggs will give you a good idea of where the population resides. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, bed bug eggs are small and have a pearl-white color. If the eggs are over five days old, the egg sacs may have a miniature eyespot from the emerging nymph. 

Typically, bed bugs lay their eggs closely together, so you won’t have trouble locating them if you’re already noticing bed bug bites. The tiny sticky eggs will stay attached to the inner seams of your furniture until they’re ready to hatch. 

To get a better look at bed bug eggs, take a look at this video!

Why are Bed Bug Eggs Under my Mattress or Couch Cushions? 

If you’ve flipped your furniture over and found these unsightly little creatures, you may be wondering why adult bed bugs have decided your bed is the right place to raise their young. 

Instead of loitering around in the open, bed bugs congregate in areas close to a consistent food source. Why move when you have a guaranteed meal every night? 

Because these pests consistently lay eggs, female bed bugs prefer to nest in undisturbed areas like under your mattress or within the seams of cushions. While you may sleep or sit in these areas, everyday movements aren’t enough to dissuade bed bugs from nesting. 

Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Thankfully, there are ways to remove these pests from your home. If you wake up with bed bug bites or find bed bug eggs littering the underside of your mattress, follow our tips to get these pests gone for good!

Heat up Infected Items

If you’ve found signs of adult bed bugs or eggs on your clothing, chairs, or bedding, you can try chasing off these pests with high temperatures. 

We don’t recommend heating your clothing in the drier or increasing your thermostat, but you could try placing your items within tightly sealed garbage bags and leaving them outdoors or in another humid area. 

This method may not have the desired effect as bed bugs can stay alive and breed without food. If the temperatures are not high enough, the bugs could remain on your possessions. 

Give Bed Bugs the Cold Shoulder

Try putting some of your objects in a chilled freezer to eliminate a tough infestation. If your freezer can reach temperatures of 0 degrees, place any infected items in a bag and leave them for a few days. 

This method relies on a consistently cold temperature to eradicate bed bugs. After a week, all the bed bugs should be gone. 

Eliminating Bed Bug Eggs

The key to stopping a pest infestation lies in halting the insect’s reproduction cycle. While removing live bed bugs can temporarily save you from bites, you need to discard the eggs to ensure the bed bugs will not return. 

If you’re relying on a pest control agency like proof. pest control to combat your bed bug infestation, the process of eliminating bed bugs may take two visits. After killing the adult insects, your pest company should return to take care of any newly matured bugs.

After dealing with adult pests, you can use a steel comb or brush to dislodge the eggs. Because bed bug eggs contain an adhesive-like substance, you will need something sturdy to knock them down. 

Using Chemical Pesticides

Typically, using a pesticide is the easiest way to remove an insect infestation. However, many commercially available options aren’t strong enough to make a dent when you have a sizeable insect issue. 

Because of the slight toxicity of some on-the-shelf options, you could become sick if you utilize the wrong brand or product. While a fogging solution could eliminate a visible bed bug problem, it may not impact hidden hoards of bed bugs and could irritate your lungs. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using fogging bug treatments is dangerous because the products are flammable. The agency recommends consulting with a pest control agency instead of attempting to solve your problem through chemical means. 

To avoid the hassle of one method not working, call a reputable pest control agency to take care of the problem for you!

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